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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fujifilm FinePix S9100

9-megapixel RAW capture with an optical 10.7x zoom

fujifilm finepix s9100

It's amazing just how much is expected of a basic camera today. Fujifilm’s loaded FinePix S9100, successor to the S9500, does its best to raise expectations even more with an array of impressive features.

Novices will have an easy time with the S9100. There are the typical automatic presets for nighttime, portrait, landscape and natural lighting. A picture stabilization mode also is available for fast-moving subjects, freezing them in action through a computerized combination of ISO and shutter speed. The pictures are crisp, though a little noisy as the ISO increases.

The LCD screen size has been bumped up to a two-inch display and, while still small compared to other monitors of its class, it’s incredibly sharp and bright. fujifilm 9100The LCD provides a great picture preview, and it’s anchored to a swivel for a tilting view, helpful for those low-to-the-ground or up-in-the-air shots that usually require uncomfortable body contortion.

For those of us used to focusing through a viewfinder, Fujifilm has included an EVF (electronic viewfinder). Mostly helpful for those occasions when you just can’t get the LCD out of the sun, the EVF is essentially a low-resolution internal video display cast directly from the sensor. Just as with the LCD screen, vital information, such as a histogram of the potential shot, can be overlaid.

A variety of manual features will please the more advanced shooter. A particular favorite of mine is the one-touch autofocus button, located on the side of the camera. While shooting in manual focus mode, it’s just a touch of the button to pull focus from long range to close, and then it’s a quick fine-tune from there with the focus ring included at the base of the lens.




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