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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fujifilm FinePix S9100

9-megapixel RAW capture with an optical 10.7x zoom


fujifilm finepix s9100

There’s a 10.7x optical zoom lens, 28-300mm, with an optional wide conversion lens that adds 0.8x magnification. ISO sensitivity begins at ISO 80 and extends all the way to 1600.

The sensitivity at this rate provides for some really low-light shooting, but there’s an obvious increase in noise, even at not very high ISO levels.

The S9100’s 9-megapixel, fifth-generation Super CCD HR (high-resolution) sensor can capture a variety of JPEG sizes and also in uncompressed RAW format. Shooting in this format allows for great maneuverability in postproduction. The files are much larger and the camera’s processing time is longer, but the noticeable improvement in dimension and image quality is worth it. The camera has slots for both CompactFlash/Microdrive and xD Picture cards, addressing the extra need for storage. You can even load both types at the same time if you feel you need the backup.

I had fun playing with the camera, too. The S9100 shoots in standard mode, black-and-white or a chrome mode for high-contrast and high-saturation pictures, useful for bright pictures of subjects like flowers or sunsets. And the movie mode can record at 640 x 480 pixels at 30 fps. Recordable audio is available as a voice memo, attachable to any of your pictures.

fujifilm finepix s9100fujifilm finepix s9100

The included flash is good for close shots, and you can add an additional flash when you need more light. Six white-balance presets can be previewed on your scene in the monitor. There’s onboard cropping and rotation, and you can print directly from the S9100.

The Fujifilm FinePix S9100 is well designed, with everything a camera at this price range should have and more, though I’d class it as a high-end consumer choice rather than a low-end prosumer model, due mainly to lower image quality at higher ISO settings. Estimated Street Price: $599.

fujifilm finepix S9100Contact: Fujifilm, (800) 800-FUJI, www.fujifilm.com.

Specs Of Note
Sensor Size: 9-megapixel Super CCD HR
Zoom: 10.7x optical; 2x digital
Lens: 28-300mm (35mm equivalent)
LCD: 2-inch tiltable
File Format: RAW, JPEG, AVI (Movie)
ISO: 80-1600
Shutter Speed: 4 to 1/4000 sec., plus Bulb
Shooting Speed: 1.5 fps up to 4 frames
Size: 5x3.7x5.1 inches
Weight: 22.9 ounces



Standout Features
1 Swivel LCD screen for shooting outside of eye level
2 RAW file capture in addition to JPEG
3 28-300mm optical lenswith a 10.7x zoom
4 A variety of automatic and manual shooting modes for a variety
of situations




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