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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Landscape Essentials In A High-Tech Age

The gear and gadgets that every landscape photographer needs to take better shots

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Apple iPad
The Apple iPad continues to impress photographers because of its versatility. Some use it as a storage device when working in the field while others use it to display images. For Eye-Fi wireless memory card users, there’s an app called ShutterSnitch that allows you to download photos from your camera to the iPad, provided they both use the same wireless network. Another option to give you a better view in the field is an external monitor that hooks up to the DSLR.

Working outside means sometimes dealing with tough weather conditions. On a rainy day, slip a plastic raincover over your camera and lens. Covers have optical surfaces for the lens to shoot through or you can use an elastic underwater bag or cover.

Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT Monitor
Even when the weather is good, your gear is going to get dusty and dirty so having a blower or a microfiber cloth handy is a good idea for cleaning lenses, LCD monitors and viewfinder eyepieces. If you need to clean more than just dust, lens-cleaning fluid is useful to have, too. While your DSLR probably has a self-cleaning image sensor unit, changing lenses in the field causes dust to still get in there so consider taking a sensor-cleaning kit.

When spending time in the outdoors, it’s always a good idea to have just the right tool for any given task. Multitools are great because they’re pocket-sized and often include smooth and serrated knife blades, wirecutters, scissors, screwdrivers, files, bottle and can openers, pliers and more.


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