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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Gear Would Ansel Adams Carry Today?

If Adams was using a digital camera, here are some of the essential pieces of equipment he’d have in the field

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Lowepro Vertex 200 AW
Photo Backpack
Adams sometimes used a pack mule to get his large camera, tripod, film holders, lenses and accessories to a good vantage point. By going digital, the load can be lightened up enough to be carried in a properly apportioned photo backpack. We think he would have opted for one with a sleeve for carrying a laptop or tablet.

Stetson Open Road
A Good Hat
One of the most useful things for any photographer, a hat protects you from the sun, helps you deal with glare, keeps you cooler on strenuous summer hikes and makes an excellent shade to keep direct sun off the lens, which would result in objectionable flare. Fortunately, today, Stetson still makes the Open Road.

What Software Would Ansel Use?
We think Ansel Adams would make extensive use of software like Photoshop if he was photographing today. He was a master craftsman who sought to bring out every nuance and subtle detail when he was working with his negatives. Although he did take color photographs, Adams is most well-known for his black-and-white landscapes. One particularly convenient software package that gives today’s landscape photographers a lot of control is Nik Silver Efex Pro (www.niksoftware.com). Silver Efex Pro is a specialized plug-in that works with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and Apple Aperture. It uses Nik Software’s U Point technology to isolate specific areas or elements in the frame so you can make adjustments with precision. There are a number of presets, and you can make your own styles as well.


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