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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 8

Available as standalones or bundle

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sept. 23, 2009 - Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8 & Adobe Premiere® Elements 8 for Windows®, the highly anticipated new versions of the No. 1 selling consumer photo- and video-editing software*. Available as standalone products or as a single retail package, the bundle offers the most complete photo and video solution by seamlessly integrating two powerful, yet easy-to-use, products. With this landmark release, Adobe equips users with a completely enhanced Organizer, which serves as a feature-rich media hub for both photos and videos. From the Organizer, consumers can launch directly into Photoshop Elements 8 to create extraordinary photos or Premiere Elements 8 to effortlessly make incredible movies with new, automated features.

"We want our customers to feel confident that they can achieve professional results with their photos and videos, without having to do any of the heavy lifting," said Doug Mack, vice president and general manager of Consumer and Hosted Solutions at Adobe. "With this new release of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements we've incorporated smart tools with built-in intelligence that automatically analyze photos and recognize people, track motion in video for the easy addition of special effects and perform editing magic in just a few simple clicks. We pushed the limits of our software, so that anyone can create impressive digital memories and have fun in the process."

Common Organizer Unites Two Powerful Photo- and Video-Editing Solutions

With this new release, Adobe introduces an enhanced Organizer where users can now conveniently manage all their digital memories in one location, simplifying time-consuming tasks such as tagging and searching. The new Auto-Analyzer automatically analyzes and tags the most interesting and highest-quality photos and video footage, and People Recognition intelligently identifies people in photos. With new full-screen previews, users can display their photos and video clips in slideshow mode directly in the Organizer and make quick edits to photos or tag video footage while viewing them. In addition, users can now synch all their media on multiple computers automatically.

Intelligent Technology Increases Fun Factor for Photo Creations

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 gives users access to advanced technology that is extremely easy to use. With Adobe Photomerge® Exposure, you can create a perfectly lit photo that shows every detail by combining multiple shots of the same scene - with or without a flash - in just a few simple clicks. The new Recompose feature leverages Adobe Photoshop CS4 technology to provide a drag and drop way to resize photos without distorting key subjects. Quick Fix previews display a series of automatically adjusted photos and allow users to personally select the shot with the color, contrast and lighting that looks best to them.

Automation Fixes Video Clips and Provides Greater Creative Control

Adobe Premiere Elements 8 offers new automatic options that make it effortless to transform video clips into professional-looking movies. Users can let the software do the hard work with Smart options, which instantly fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems, identify and trim away all unwanted footage and intelligently balance audio elements. Exciting new motion-tracking capabilities further allow consumers to easily add graphics, text and effects that follow subjects in scenes.


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