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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adobe Photoshop Express

Redesigned apps on Photoshop.com

The Photoshop Express Uploader is a small client application that installs on the user's desktop and streamlines uploading and syncing photos between their hard drives and Photoshop.com. The Uploader handles JPEG, PSD, and a wide variety of Camera RAW formats. Using the Uploader, any of the Photoshop Express for mobile apps, or the syncing functionality in Adobe Photoshop Elements, users never have to worry about backing up or having access to their images online anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Updates to Photoshop.com

With the release of the redesigned Photoshop Express apps, the Photoshop.com website introduces updated site navigation, so customers have easier access to tutorials, product information, the online Photoshop Express tools, and their personal information, including their libraries, galleries, friends, and account information. Customers can even share other content on the site, such as tutorials they like, on Twitter and Facebook.

Photoshop Express 1.3 for Android Devices

Adobe also announced the free Photoshop Express 1.3 for Android devices. This new version now lets users play back videos from their Photoshop.com online library, even in slideshow mode, and share videos in email. The Facebook Photo Upload feature also includes several performance improvements.

The introduction of new and better camera capabilities in the latest versions of Android devices also increases the value of earlier Photoshop Express features such as Auto-upload. Once enabled, Auto-upload runs behind the scenes and automatically syncs photos taken with the user's Android device camera to their Photoshop.com account. With Auto-upload, photos are always backed up, and even the newest ones are easily accessible from a personal computer, as well as a mobile phone.

This announcement follows closely on the release of the new iOS version of Photoshop Express with support for the iPad and iPhone. Combined, these updates further demonstrate Adobe's commitment to bringing more digital imaging power to new devices. For more information, visit mobile.photoshop.com.


Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, Organizer, and Uploader apps are now available for free on Photoshop.com in English, German, and Japanese. Adobe Photoshop Express 1.3 for Android devices is available on the Android Marketplace. Visit www.photoshop.com.to create or log into your account, try out the Photoshop Express online apps, or link to downloads of Photoshop Express for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

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