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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alien Skin Software Announces Blow Up 2

Photo Resizing Plug-in for Photoshop Uses Cutting Edge Algorithm To Enlarge Photos

Raleigh, North Carolina – August 27, 2008 – Alien Skin Software today announces the immediate availability of Blow Up® 2, the new version of its photo resizing plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements. Blow Up 2 takes the complexity out of preparing photos for printing with a user interface that intelligently handles resizing, cropping, and sharpening. The sophisticated enlargement algorithm produces photos dramatically sharper and more detailed than any other method.

"Blow Up 2 makes even clearer enlargements now, but the biggest improvements are in ease of use," said Tom Welsh, designer and lead programmer of Blow Up 2. "We looked for tedious or confusing aspects of every stage of photo cropping and resizing and built intelligence into Blow Up 2 to take those hassles out of the photographer’s hair. With the addition of presets, Smart Cropping, adaptive sharpening, and built-in batch processing, Blow Up 2 takes the pain out of high quality photo resizing."


The already crisp, clear output of Blow Up is even better now that it provides more control over simulated natural texture and film grain. These effects help to keep enlargements looking natural rather than computer generated. New controls that clean up JPEG compression artifacts and sharpen edges allow enlargement of low quality source images.


Blow Up 2 has intelligence built into every feature, so photographers don’t have to deal with most technical details. As a preset is chosen, Smart Cropping™ centers the crop area over the most interesting part of the photo, and Auto Rotate™ adjusts the preset to match the orientation of the photo. Sharpening adapts to match the degree of enlargement and paper type.

Resizing With Less Hassle

The most dramatic improvements to Blow Up 2 are in the new user interface that simplifies and speeds up all aspects of preparing photos for printing. Cropping and resizing at the same time are easily handled by presets for common output sizes. The Blow Up 2 built-in batch processing is an easy single step, which is more straightforward than Photoshop’s usual multi-step procedure.


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