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Friday, January 22, 2010

Argraph MemoryKick Si

Pocket-sized device offers fast backup

SHARE Photos, Videos, Music, and any other files by transferring them from the MemoryKick Si to attached thumb drives or memory cards. Use the MemoryKick Si as a “media sharing center” transferring files between any attached memory cards or USB storage devices.  The MemoryKick Si accommodates up to four memory cards / devices simultaneously – CF, USB device, Memory Stick, plus another memory card.

STORE Photos on the MemoryKick Si high capacity 160, 320, or 500GB SATA Hard Drive.  Backup your photos quickly and securely in the field.

PLAY your favorite music and videos and listen with the included earphones, the built-in speaker or on your home audio system.  Connect to an LCD flat panel monitor or television to view photos and watch videos.  

MemoryKick Si Key Features

Fast Transfer Speed from Memory Cards up to 40MB/s
160 / 320 / 500GB
3.5” VGA LCD Color Screen
Insert up to 3 Cards + 1 USB Simultaneously
Photo Backup / Viewer / Player
RAW Decoder / Viewer
Zoom In / Out
G-Sensor Auto Orientation
Copy, Paste, & Create Folders
Rename Files & Folders w/ QWERTY Keyboard
Video Player
Music Player
Audio / Video Out
Earphone Included
EXIF Information + Histogram
Built-in USB OTG (USB Host)
Backup 250GB on a Single Charge
Lightweight: Only 9.87 Ounces

Available in Black and Blue colors (expected Street Prices shown):
160GB ($299.95),  320GB ($359.95),  500GB ($429.95)

The MemoryKick Si is available from retailers nationwide. The MemoryKick Si is assembled in the Unites States of America.   

Additional information is available at:


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