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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hilary Araujo

1945-2011 In Memoriam

Hilary Araujo was a lifetime photo enthusiast with a keen visual sense and an intuitive grasp of lighting that made him an excellent photographer. But ultimately, the two abiding passions of his life were his job and his family. He was deeply devoted to Sandy, his vivacious wife of nearly 40 years, and his engaging and insightful daughter Susan, who lauds him as “my loving and dedicated father and my best friend who taught me how to survive in the world.” As a business executive, he was laser focused on controlling expenses and extracting maximum value from resources, but it was his human side that set him apart. He was deeply committed not merely to his own or his company’s immediate goals, but also to making sure that whomever he was dealing with was also happy and prospering.

“Hilary’s sense of fairness was remarkable and beyond reproach,” observes Steve Tiffen. “He taught me the importance of balance—of making sure the other person is getting what they need while you are also getting what you require. The one word that keeps coming up when people talk about Hilary is ‘caring’ and this is eloquently expressed in both his personal and professional life. One of his major achievements at Tiffen was establishing a cohesive brand strategy that will take us confidently into the future. He was a dear friend and a great colleague who made so many contributions to our company. This is truly a great loss.”

The life of Hilary Araujo represents an unsurpassed record of accomplishment as an esteemed marketing executive, as a loving husband and father, as an American, and as a human being. His was truly a life of service and he has given unstintingly and generously to help others both in and outside the imaging industry he loved. He was a consummate gentleman whose brilliance, compassion, commitment to excellence and hard work brought immense benefits to the companies he worked with and to the industry he loved. In all aspects of his life he set a lofty standard worthy of emulation and of the highest regard. This was a very special man who will be sorely missed by all those who had the privilege to know him and to work with him. Fortunately his legacy will live on in his good works and in his countless acts of loving-kindness. May he rest in peace.


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