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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0

For Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

New York, NY, PhotoPlus Expo Booth #854 – (October 22, 2009) – Kubota Image Tools is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Kubota Lightspeed Workflow family – new Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 for Lightroom 2. Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 for Lightroom 2 is a customizable wireless USB keypad with preset 1-button access to: essential adjustments such as brightness, exposure, fill light and more; the most popular Kubota Lightroom presets; and advanced tools such as paint with light, burn, soften skin, and hand-color.

In addition, the Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 now offers 48 new key options for completely customizable functionality. This gives users the ability to create hundreds of settings and preset combinations. The innovative Kubota RPG SpeedKeys software allows photographers to use pre-programmed workflow key combinations or they can use their own presets settings.

Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 comes loaded with 29 Kubota Lightroom Presets. As a bonus, the SpeedKeys comes with the entire collection of Kubota Lightroom Presets v3, which includes develop, export, print, filter, and more. All of the presets included in Kubota Lightroom Presets v1 and v2 are also included in the set, plus brand new presets never before available. There are over 100 presets in all.

“One of the things I’ve really wanted in order to improve my Lightroom workflow was a way to apply my most common adjustments and develop presets with a simple key press,” said Kevin Kubota, Idea Man of Kubota Image Tools. “Photographers will be surprised at how much time and energy they can save by not having to click little buttons with a mouse all the time. It doesn’t sound like a big difference, but over the course of editing thousands of images, photographers will really notice how this little tool can greatly improve their workflow. RPG Keys was able to create a custom keypad for us that integrated customizable functionality, my most used adjustments, develop presets, and local adjustment brushes, all on one small device. RPG Keys is a great company to work with and it’s a perfect pairing of our workflow tools and their hardware solution.”
“We at RPG Keys are excited about partnering with Kubota Image Tools to offer the new SpeedKeys line of products,” said Timothy Riley, wedding photographer and

founder of RPG Keys. “The Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2.0 is the perfect marriage of art and technology allowing photographers the ability to create amazing images, in a fraction of the time. As always, happy editing!”


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