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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pentax Debuts 90mm Macro Lens

Medium-telephoto lens designed for 645D SLR medium format camera

DENVER, CO (September 10, 2012) — PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION (PENTAX), today announces the HD PENTAX D FA 645 Macro 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR interchangeable medium-telephoto lens, designed for the company's 645D SLR medium format camera. When mounted on a PENTAX 645D, this lens offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of approximately 71mm (or approximately 56mm when mounted on a PENTAX 645 film-format camera body). By incorporating two ED (extra-low dispersion) elements and one glass-molded aspherical element in its optics, the lens assures high resolution image reproduction over the entire image field, while effectively minimizing chromatic aberration – a problem commonly associated with fast lenses.

"The new HD PENTAX D FA 645 90mm lens was designed exclusively for our 645D medium-format SLR cameras and it marks an important expansion in our medium-format lens lineup," explains John Carlson, Sr. Manager of Sales and Marketing, PENTAX. "This versatile medium telephoto lens is ideal not only for portrait and macro photography, but scenic and still life photography as well."

The FA 645 90mm lens offers macro photography at a maximum magnification of 0.5X. In close-up applications, its floating mechanism effectively compensates for the curvature of the field to assure sharp, well-defined images.

PENTAX D FA 645 90mm HD Lens Features
New HD Coating and Aero Bright Coating to optimize light transmittance and minimize reflection
This lens is treated with HD Coating*, a newly developed, high grade multi-layer lens coating , which offers higher light transmittance with reduced reflection, to deliver sharp, clear images free of flare and ghosting, even under demanding lighting conditions such as backlight. By coupling this coating with the PENTAX-exclusive, high grade Aero Bright Coating,** this lens optimizes light transmittance while minimizing refraction.

PENTAX-original, lens-based SR mechanism
This is the first lens to incorporate the PENTAX-innovated SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism within the lens barrel. Since this mechanism effectively compensates for camera shake up to approximately 3.5 shutter steps, the user is assured of sharp, blur-free images even under conditions prone to camera shake, such as when handholding the camera in poorly lit locations without flash illumination, or when photographing sunset scenes.


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