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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Profoto Assistants Stake Your Claim To Fame

Call For Entries

profotoPhotographic assistants are invited to submit their best work showing originality, creativity and impact as well as illustrating Pro-8a Air's technical prowess. You'll be competing with photographic assistants around the world for monthly recognition. The best work will appear in prestigious magazines, with your story featured on ProfotoAssistant.com, Profoto.com, Profoto-USA and others.

Monthly winner receives:

• Full page ad in a photography magazine
• Featured internationally online
• Exposure on all Profoto and other sites
• Feature story on the Profoto blog
• Monthly winners are entered into Grand Prize competition

Grand Prize  $10,000*  
2nd Prize     $5,000*  
3rd Prize      $2,500*  

*Prizes valued in Profoto Equipment    


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