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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two New Pentax K-Mount Lenses

Big-range zoom and super telephoto

Exceptional image description

Incorporating two extra-low dispersion (ED) elements in its optics, this zoom lens delivers bright, high resolution images, even on the edges, while effectively minimizing chromatic aberration.

Other features
• Minimum focusing distance of 1.6 ft. (0.49m) over the entire zoom range
• Rounded diaphragm delivers precise control while producing a smooth, beautiful bokeh (out-of-focus rendition), minimizing the streaking effect of point light sources

HD PENTAX DA 560mm F5.6 ED Features

Outstanding image rendition of distant subjects
When mounted on a PENTAX K-mount digital camera body, this super-telephoto lens offers a focal length of approximately 859mm (equivalent 35mm format). Since its unique telescope-type optics require fewer optical elements than conventional lens optics, it assures sharp, well-defined images, particularly with distant subjects.

New, high grade HD Coating
This lens is treated with the HD Coating, ** a high grade multi-layer lens coating recently developed by PENTAX. Compared with conventional multi-layer coatings, this new coating provides higher light transmittance with reduced reflection, to deliver sharp, clear images free of flare and ghosting, even under demanding lighting conditions such as backlight.

Dustproof, weather-resistant construction
As a new model of the AW (All Weather) series, this lens features a dependable dustproof, weather-resistant construction with 29 special seals to effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and water into the lens interior. By coupling this lens with a dustproof, weather-resistant PENTAX interchangeable lens digital camera body such as the PENTAX K-5 II or PENTAX K-30, the user is assured a durable, reliable imaging system that performs superbly in demanding outdoor settings such as rain or mist, or in locations prone to water splashes or spray.

Easy control of circular polarizing filter
This lens comes with a built-in, removable filter holder in the barrel. By mounting the C-PL (circular polarizing) filter (40.5mm in diameter; included as an exclusive accessory) to the holder, the user can easily obtain the desired polarizing effect simply by rotating the filter using its control ring.


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