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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wacom Supports Adobe CS5

New pen capabilities for brush engine

Vancouver, WA – Apr. 13, 2010 – Today, Wacom announces wide-ranging support for the powerful new features of Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5), officially launched yesterday. The significant upgrades in CS5 include new pen-centric capabilities, particularly in the brush engine for Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 software. Photoshop users will get the most from the new brush capabilities in CS5 when using either Wacom’s Intuos 4 professional pen tablet or Cintiq interactive pen display. “Never has there been a better time for professional photographers, designers and artists to combine Wacom pen input with Adobe’s Creative Suite software to naturally express their creative ideas and increase their productivity,” said Don Varga, senior product manager for Wacom’s professional products.

Pen Power Enhances Photoshop Brush Engine
Wacom’s line of professional pen tablet and interactive pen displays work cohesively with CS5 and some of the most beneficial workflow enhancements for the pen user can be found in the new brush engine within Photoshop CS5. “The Wacom pen and Adobe Photoshop have long enjoyed an harmonious and productive relationship,” added Varga. “The new brush engine in Photoshop CS5 takes that relationship to a whole new level by offering tools that integrate pen pressure sensitivity, tilt and rotation, as well as emphasize the intuitive and creative nature of the pen over alternative input devices.”

There are several key Photoshop CS5 brush engine enhancements for Intuos and Cintiq users that augment performance and simplify use. To begin with, CS5 integrates toggle buttons that add pen pressure-sensitive control over brush size and opacity right on the standard application bar. Wacom users need only point and click on these buttons to capture control of these brush dynamics. In addition, CS5 introduces a set of pressure and tilt-sensitive Bristle Tip brushes allowing pen users to easily incorporate artistic brush strokes and effects into their workflow. “When used with the new Bristle Tip brushes, Wacom’s professional pen’s Tip Sensor technology and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity delivers a painting experience that feels just like working with traditional media,” stated Varga.

The brush preview window allows the Wacom user to see real-time brush characteristics including the angle at which the brush is being held by the user. In addition, when employed with the Art Pen, a Wacom specialty pen that senses barrel rotation (the twist of an artist’s brush) within Photoshop and Illustrator, brushes deliver a traditional media feel and empower users to reach new heights of creative expression.

The way Wacom pen users can now create and blend colors has also been vastly improved in Photoshop CS5. The Mixer Brush is a pressure-sensitive tool that allows users to blend colors as if they were wet paint. Using setting controls in the options bar, one can define the wetness and the amount of paint being mixed and applied by the brush. The Mixer Brush can be used on colors that have been applied with any tools such as pencil, pen or paint bucket. It can even be used to blend colors and add realistic brush strokes to a photograph to give it a hand-painted appearance.

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