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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wacom Supports Adobe CS5

New pen capabilities for brush engine

The pressure-sensitive Spot healing brush takes advantage of the new Content-Aware Fill technology in Photoshop CS5 to remove blemishes and unwanted objects in a photograph. Wacom users can precisely paint over elements that they wish to remove in an image, replacing them with details that match the lighting, tone and texture of the surrounding area.

New intelligent technology offers an unparalleled level of control for the Wacom pen in the making of selections and masks. The Refine Edge Radius brush allows the user to delicately expand the edge detection area of a selection when working with complex elements, such a hair. According to Varga, “Wacom’s pen on paper feel provides a much easier, natural and precise way to follow contours in an image when working with the Refine Edge Radius tool.”

Illustrator CS5 Users Draw Creativity from Wacom Pen
Illustrator CS5 also has a new set of Bristle Brushes that allow users to paint with vectors that resemble traditional art brushes. Similar to the Bristle Tip brushes in Photoshop CS5, Wacom pen users can easily modify the natural characteristics of these brushes including size, length, shape thickness and stiffness. In addition, Illustrator’s support of pen pressure and tilt-sensitivity provides superior control over brush dynamics such as angle, roundness and diameter. “Opacity settings can now be assigned to the new Bristle Brushes in Illustrator CS5,” said Varga. “This is wonderful news to the designer or artist as they can now create soft, transparent variations in scalable vector lines.”

The Wacom Art Pen also works in Illustrator CS5, providing a unique and personal touch to artwork by way of its 360 degrees of barrel rotation.

“We were happy to collaborate with Wacom to provide an intuitive workflow within CS5 applications,” said Bryan O’Neil Hughes, product manager for Photoshop at Adobe. “The Wacom pen is a natural instrument for creative tasks, like painting in Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended, which truly brings brush strokes to life. We look forward to continued work together to develop new features for professional creators of digital content.”

Productivity Benefits for Both Hands
Wacom’s Intuos4 pen tablets and Cintiq interactive pen displays feature customizable ExpressKeys™ and Touch Strips for quick access to keyboard shortcuts and modifiers. These non-dominant hand features greatly enhance productivity and allow the user to concentrate on the creative process. Since the customized settings are application specific, CS5 users can create personalized settings to maximize their productivity in each application in Adobe CS5.

Collaborating in CS5 with Adobe ConnectNow
Adobe ConnectNow in CS5 is especially interesting to those working with a Wacom pen. This service enables users (colleagues, clients, etc.) to remotely share screens and collaborate in real time. With its whiteboard functionality, users can draw or annotate directly on an image, easily communicate changes and share their ideas or concepts with others.

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