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Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Retreats

Short workshops and seminars offer fresh ideas and a new handle on techniques, plus help photographers overcome roadblocks to success—all in a brief period of time

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Arizona Highways Photo Workshops offer various weekend workshops—from the basics to fieldwork in the Phoenix metropolitan area. One workshop is held at the Wildlife World Zoo, where J. Peter Mortimer instructs students how to photograph animals in captivity. “I have them for a short period of time,” says Mortimer, “and I want to teach them some basic things so that if they go to a book or a manual, or they’re talking to someone in a camera store, they have a foundation. I can’t teach them everything there is to know in five or six hours, but I can teach them where to look for what they want to know, and how to understand it.”

Palm Beach Photographic Centre offers dozens of weekend workshops, ranging from the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida to nature-photography programs taught by Jim Zuckerman, Craig Blacklock, Vincent Versace and other pros.

Executive Director Fatima NeJame says there are pros and cons to a weekend workshop. “The interesting thing,” she says, “is that in a weekend workshop, people always leave wanting more; they always wish it had been longer, even though they signed up because it’s a short workshop. It’s concentrated and intense.”

If you want weekend workshops that focus on the eastern part of the United States, Nature’s Image Field Photography Workshops offer various field workshops in the Smoky Mountains, West Virginia, the coast of Virginia and North Carolina.

Says Linda Lane, cofounder and instructor at Nature’s Image, “They come to have a pocket of time or a weekend where they can do nothing but concentrate on something they love doing, and that’s photography. It’s hard to photograph when you have friends and family who aren’t interested in photography.”

Gary Hart Photography offers weekend workshops throughout California; here, Hart leads students during a shoot in Yosemite National Park.
Weekend Seminars
Among some of the other opportunities available on weekends are seminars from the pros that provide tips, techniques and ways to achieve better workflow as a photographer.

The Epson Print Academy helps photographers master digital photographic printmaking. It includes in-depth color management, advanced Photoshop techniques and fine-art printing.

Held on weekends in major cities around the country, the seminars feature a daylong lecture on handling advanced workflow and printing techniques with instructors who have mastered the art of the digital print. Instructors give lectures on image management and color theory, offering participants the opportunity to learn more about the digital darkroom.

Outdoor Photographer features its own seminars: the 2008 Outdoor & Digital Photo Seminars based in five cities—San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Columbus and Raleigh. Instructors include Outdoor Photographer contributors Frans Lanting, Bruce Dale, Bob Krist and David Middleton. In these two-day seminars, which run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, the pros share their experiences in the field, tips on outdoor, landscape and wildlife photography, tips on buying the right equipment, judging digital photos and how to manage workflow from beginning to end. The seminars run from September to December this year.

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