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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Create A Photo eBook

The tablet revolution has brought new life to e-books. We’ll show you how to make an impressive and full-featured e-book from your photos.

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Cover designs are part of iBooks Author's design templates. All you have to do is add your photo and change the text.

Traditional photo books have dropped off significantly in today's market. The expense of a large print run and the man-hours required to create, edit, assemble, proof, publish and print a book has become prohibitive for all but the very most well-known photographers whose name recognition can guarantee significant sales. Custom publishers like Blurb have stepped in to fill some of the void that has been left, but these "one-off" books can cost more to produce than many nature photographers want to spend. Photo e-books have the potential to be a game-changer for all kinds of photographers, whether that's an amateur who wants to produce a photo book of his or her latest trip, the pro who wants to create a book of images as a portfolio piece or the passionate lover of the outdoors who wants to feature an important part of nature.

Choosing Templates. iBooks Author offers a set of predesigned templates that help you put together your book.
Photo e-books can range from photo-illustrated books, traditional photo nature topics and portfolios to children's stories, business books and more. In addition, low numbers are needed for success—there are no printing and distribution costs, which have a huge impact on sales of photo books. Photo e-books can be created by anyone—you don't need a publisher to produce them. You can control the content, design and marketing, with any potential income coming mainly to the photographer.

The great potential of photo e-books is strongly linked to the popularity of tablets. There are many photo e-books available, but most of them aren't designed to gain the most from the capabilities offered by the tablet, and they aren't all that popular.

E-books are relatively new and most people don't primarily use their tablets to read them, plus titles can be challenging to find and market. You can create a beautiful photo e-book and find that no one is interested because they can't find it.

E-books, as a whole, and especially photo e-books, are in what you might call a period of adolescence and change. Still, there's a great opportunity for photographers who are willing to step up and put in the work to position themselves within this market before others do.

The left sidebar accesses your book chapters and pages. Set the view to Actual Size so you size text properly for the iPad.
1 Adobe InDesign (Mac and PC). If you understand design, this program is hugely flexible and allows you to output books for multiple e-book readers. Like Photoshop, it has so many features and options that it has a very big learning curve. This is a very expensive program, now only on the Creative Cloud.

2 Blurb e-books (Mac and PC). Blurb publishes beautiful printed photo books. They're designed for the iPad and can include some multimedia, including video. Blurb keeps the production of an e-book easy by offering a lot of design templates, plus, the service is relatively low cost. Photo e-books then can be published instantly and sold on Blurb or the Apple iBookstore.

3 iBooks Author. Apple's iBooks Author is free, easy to use and makes the process of designing your project simple. This Mac-only software specifically creates e-books with photography and multimedia. There's a minimal learning curve for using this program. Any interactive e-book made with iBooks Author can only be sold through Apple's iBookstore (you can give away copies for free on your own, and you can do whatever you want with a PDF version).


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