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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Create A Photo eBook

The tablet revolution has brought new life to e-books. We’ll show you how to make an impressive and full-featured e-book from your photos.

This Article Features Photo Zoom

The Preview button puts a preview version of your book on a connected iPad. The Publish button opens a wizard to take you through the process of publishing to the Apple iBookstore.
Preview And Publish
When you're done with your design, it's important that you preview it on your iPad. I've found problems that aren't necessarily obvious on the computer screen. Connect your iPad to your computer, open iBooks, then click the Preview icon in iBooks Author. A preview version of your e-book appears on your iPad, which is so cool!

When you're ready to publish your book to the iBookstore, save the project, then click on the Publish icon. This will take you through a series of steps to get your book to Apple. Additionally, you can export your book to your hard drive (and share it directly) from the File menu when you choose Export. You also can export a PDF file that can be read on any computer.

To publish your book, you'll have to set up an account with iTunesConnect. Additionally, you'll need to download iTunes Producer.

iBooks Author will take you through the steps needed to prep the book for iTunes Producer and this process is pretty painless. Put some effort into the description of your book in iTunes Producer and your choice of screenshots (you can get screenshots on your iPad by briefly pressing both the Home button below the screen and the Power button at top right at the same time).

Send the book to Apple and enjoy having your book published to the iPad!

Rob Sheppard has two photo e-books available for the iPad: A Nature Photography Manifesto (free) and Reports from the Wild.

Other eBook Creators
iBooks Author isn't the only tool for creating an e-book, and while that application makes it easy to publish to the iBookstore, you have no shortage of options for getting e-books out to other retailers.

We've worked with BookBaby many times over the years (they were one of the sponsors and the limited-edition book publisher of the 2013 American Landscape contest), so we've had a chance to become familiar with their service. Working in any of a variety of layout applications (InDesign, Quark, Pages, Word), or if you simply generate a PDF of your project, BookBaby will convert the files to ePub and .mobi files, thereby converting the layout into an e-book format. Then they will handle the distribution to all of the main e-book retailers (Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, etc.). BookBaby also offers printed books and a cover design service to help your book get noticed wherever it's for sale. Pricing varies depending upon the level of service. Contact: www.bookbaby.com.


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