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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unlimited Depth Of Field

A revolutionary software package redefines what’s possible for you to achieve with sharp focus in a photograph

This Article Features Photo Zoom

The entire depth of the flower can be rendered sharp thanks to Helicon Focus.
But for all of us, Helicon Focus sets new standards. The informed photographer has to stop and think about more options, more opportunities and more choices that can be made to express a creative vision. And the informed viewer will assess the finished image with the same set of options and opportunities in mind. When we know what’s possible, we’re more critical of work that falls short.

Are you up to the challenge of achieving your creative vision without the obstacles posed by optical physics? If you are, keep that vision right up front. Forget about the limitations of the past, and approach your subjects afresh with full knowledge and mastery of the wide range of tools available to you now. Know the possibilities from the outset, so you’ll capture all the data you need to realize your vision in the end. Great photography doesn’t happen in the computer, but new tools such as Helicon Focus are fulfilling the promise of digital and revolutionizing the way we experience photography from both sides of the camera.

For more information about Helicon Focus, visit www.heliconsoft.com. You can download and use the full program for 30 days at no charge. Helicon Focus Lite can be purchased as a one-year license for $30 or as an unlimited license for $115. Helicon Focus Pro is $70 for a one-year license or $250 for an unlimited license. Updates are free for both products. Available for Mac or Windows.

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