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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Photo Guarantees

Use these tips to get immediate results for better, more interesting landscape, close-up and wildlife photographs

Photo Guarantees

1. Use A Tripod For Sharper Landscapes

If you mount your camera on a tripod and focus carefully, you'll get sharper landscape photos—guaranteed. Why? Because a good tripod holds a camera steadier than a person can. And tripods aren't just for large-format and super-telephoto shooters: Even if you shoot with a "little" 35mm or digital SLR and never use a long lens, you'll still get sharper photos if you mount your camera on a sturdy tripod.

Using a tripod improves image sharpness several ways:
  • It eliminates blur caused by camera shake (allowing you to shoot at slower shutter speeds).
  • Slower shutter speeds allow you to stop down the lens (use smaller ƒ-stops) to increase depth of field.
  • Smaller ƒ-stops minimize the image-degrading effects of lens aberrations that are most evident at wide apertures.
  • You can use a low ISO rating for optimum image quality.
That's four image-improving factors for the price of one! True, it can be inconvenient to lug around a tripod, especially when trekking to some out-of-the-way location. But most serious outdoor photographers consider the effort well worth their while because they get sharper photos that way.


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