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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pro Tips For A Road Trip

Some of OP’s top professional contributors offer up suggestions about key gear and other items to bring on your next photo road trip

| Justin Black |

Wellies. Knee-high rubber boots provide go-anywhere photographic freedom when working in wet vegetation, near streams and lakes or along the coast.

Gardener's Kneeling Pad. These lightweight foam pads are fantastic when working low to the ground doing landscape or macro work. They're worth their weight in gold in terms of comfort, and I credit them with preserving my knees.

Sleeping Bag And Pad. Few people realize that it's legal to camp spontaneously on much of our national forest and BLM land (check restrictions in the areas you travel in). When you want to be on location for sunrise, there's nothing like driving in close the night before to sleep under the stars in a nice warm bag. If the weather forecast is good and the area isn't too buggy, a bag and pad may be all you need.

| Jack Dykinga |

Headlamps. I like my Petzl Tikka XP2, but I have a couple of Princetons and a Black Diamond. Whether it's for early-morning setups, light painting or finding the way back to the truck after a long evening hike, you need light.

Really Right Stuff L Bracket. I use this to enable fast switches from vertical to horizontal compositions. It also acts as a sort of roll cage, protecting my Nikon D3X from harm.

A Hair Pick Or Large Comb. Combs are the only way to safely remove deadly cholla cactus buds when they become embedded in my flesh!

| Kerrick James |

Therm-a-Rest® Pad. Depending on the location, I carry one of these small pads. It's large enough to place my camera bag on when the surface is less than trustworthy (think fine gypsum sand at White Sands National Monument) or to lay out a picnic lunch; it's not a bad pillow, either.


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