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Friday, September 1, 2006

Shoot Digital For B & W

Discover the monochrome world using your digital camera

Shoot Digital For B & WAt one time, if you were interested in black-and-white photography, you had to have access to a wet darkroom. Yes, your local photo lab could provide black-and-white prints, but they were flat and unimpressive compared to what you could achieve on your own under the glow of the red safelight. Now you can produce black-and-white images from your digital files and, most importantly, produce stunning monochrome prints that are as good as anything created on silver-based papers.

An evocative black-and-white photograph involves more than just removing the color, however. It means seeing the world in a different way, breaking down each scene to its elements of light, tone and pattern. Combine this way of seeing the world with the power of the digital darkroom, and you can create beautiful photographs.


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