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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yosemite Range of Light

Shawn Reeder’s masterful time-lapse explores Yosemite National Park

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Time-Lapse Gear

Hähnel Giga T Pro

Kessler Crane CineSlider
As time-lapse becomes more popular, a number of equipment solutions are being produced to meet the needs of programmed motion and interval shot recording. During the filmmaking process, Shawn Reeder became acquainted with Kessler, which gave him access to a number of tools like the five-foot Crane CineSlider ($1,699 list price), a slider system that can carry heavy camera rigs of up to 80 pounds for smooth tracking or panning. Reeder also used the motorized REVOLUTION pan-and-tilt head with the ORACLE Controller system ($1,899 each list price) for programming camera movements to instill much more visually interesting pans and zooms that can be performed at angles. Robotic heads will give you a way to control not only the angle and direction of your anticipated camera movements, but also the speed at which the camera will move between positions when taking intervalometer shots. Many of these specialized tools are available for rental, and a number of other manufacturers make time-lapse gear, including Cinevate, DitoGear and Matthews, as well as simpler, more low-profile systems like the Skywatcher Allview Mount, which will support up to nine pounds ($399 list price).

Cinevate Slider
You can put together a basic time-lapse as long as you have an intervalometer of some sort, like the Canon TC-80N3 timer remote control ($210 list price) or Nikon MC-36 multi-function remote cord ($180 list price). Newer Nikon DSLRs incorporate a digital intervalometer within the camera though there are limitations. Third-party models give more advanced features and extra functionality, like the Hähnel Giga T Pro II ($99 list price), Pclix XT (begins at $150 list price), Camera Axe 5 ($185 list price), Promote Control ($329 list price) and MX2 motion controller ($225 list price).

Go to shawnreeder.com to see "Yosemite Range Of Light," as well as Shawn Reeder's still photography.


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