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Friday, June 1, 2007

10 Tips For The Lowdown On Nature

Journey into a world of nature that isn't often seen at this level

10 Tips For The Lowdown On Nature

THE pod support from Bogen is a huge help in stabilizing your camera near the ground, plus it keeps the camera off wet dirt and other debris. Any beanbag will help, but this one screws into the tripod socket of your camera, which makes it more convenient.


10 Tips For The Lowdown On Nature7 Low-angle tripods help.
Look for tripods that spread the legs out for a lower angle or tripods designed specifically for low work, like this Really Right Stuff Ground Pod.


8 Find the sun. While exposure and flare can be challenging, you can compose dramatic images by shooting low enough to the subject that you can get the sun coming through in the background, such as in this fall maple leaf shot in New York.


9 Use a lens shade if your camera can take one. This isn’t for keeping the sun out, but to keep branches, twigs, grass and other distracting elements away from the front of the lens. All that stuff behind the little red eft in this photo also is in front and to the sides, all able to strike the front of the lens.

10 Tips For The Lowdown On Nature10 Use your knee. I’ve taken many a photograph with the camera braced against my knee to help compose a low shot and to stabilize the camera for slow shutter speeds, as in this image of showy trillium in Tennessee.







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