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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wings Of Spring

Try these 10 tips from renowned professional Tom Vezo and get your best avian images this spring

Wings of SpringA bald eagle skims the surface of its own reflection as it hunts for fish along the coast of Alaska. An Atlantic Coast black skimmer gingerly plucks its offspring in its maw to carry it to a safer place. A Rufous hummingbird gleams iridescent as it sips at nectar in a field of blush rose. These are images from Tom Vezo’s latest award-winning book, Wings of Spring: Courtship, Nesting and Fledging, a collection of intimate photographs of the lives, behavior and beauty of these birds.

Passion, patience and persistence. For this master of bird photography, these are the true credos of a wildlife photographer. Recently, Outdoor Photographer talked to Vezo about his tips and techniques for success.

Do your research. Know your subjects’ dietary habits—how, what and where they eat and drink. Find out which fruit-bearing foliage they frequent or where they hunt. Learn their migratory patterns, nesting habitats, when they molt into breeding plumage and their mating behaviors.

Vezo suggests the web as an excellent source of information. Also, regional nature guidebooks or bird encyclopedias are a good starting point. When visiting an area, talk to rangers, researchers or bird watchers to get up-to-date information on the good spots.






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