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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Concepts Of Nature

Andy Rouse is among the top wildlife photographers in the world. His new book takes readers into his overall thinking and approach to photography.

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andy rouse
The art of capturing wildlife involves skillful precision and perfect timing, which photographer Andy Rouse knows well. When a leopard’s silhouette crosses between two rocks during the twilight, an unyielding puffin takes flight in the Shetland Islands or a crabeater seal stares him down behind a blue iceberg, Rouse’s fortitude rewards him, even when sometimes it seems like the waiting game is completely over for the day.
Award-winning British photographer Andy Rouse discusses his approach to photography in his recent book Concepts of Nature: A Wildlife Photographer’s Art. This wonderful collection of thoughts and images is reminiscent of Ansel Adams’ classic book, Examples. It’s not a “how-to” collection of camera settings and focal lengths; instead, Rouse’s book is a discussion of his overall philosophy in photographing the natural world.

Concepts of Nature shows how Rouse’s style and thinking on photography continues to evolve as he roams the earth, camera in hand, from the plains of Africa to the frozen polar regions of our planet. His inspirations are as diverse as the locations he photographs. Rouse draws from the work of the late Lord Lichfield and Galen Rowell, as well as modern masters such as Joe Cornish and Art Wolfe. Regardless of the genre, he finds inspiration from their exceptional use of light.

Rouse feels that photography can connect people with wildlife, which in turn, can help in the effort to save the various species that share our planet, and perhaps more than ever, that are threatened with extinction.


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