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Sunday, January 1, 2006

India Live And In Color

The vibrant world of this cultural jewel is revealed through an amateur's lens

It can be said that until you've photographed in India, you've only seen the world in black-and-white. Colors, rich and saturated, are everywhere. You see them in the orange sari worn by the woman selling mangos and other fruits on the street, in the wall whose red paint explodes with energy when struck by the late-afternoon sun, and in the stones and intricate sculptures of Hindu temples that rise high into a clear blue sky. Color is everywhere, and for anyone who loves to create images, India seems like a photographic heaven.

The Lure Of India
Long popular with professional and amateur photographers, India is a destination whose complex palette of colors inspires you to raise your camera to your eye and create images unlike any you've ever made before.

"For me, India is a country of colors: the colorful clothes of people, the paintings on the wall, the movie posters, the temples," says Maciej Dakowicz, an amateur photographer whose passion for photography and India has inspired him to return numerous times to the country. "I think India is a paradise for photographers. I can't imagine a better country for photography. There's something for everybody—people, landscapes, monuments. There's so much life in this country, so many interesting people and places, so many colors."

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