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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Appalachian Ridge Runner

In the quest to do more than just take pretty pictures, Jerry Greer is using his images to promote conservation in the region of the country he loves the most

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Autumn forest shrouded in fog, Graveyard Fields, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina. Canon EOS 5D, Canon TS-E 90mm ƒ/2.8
"It depends solely on what hat I'm wearing that day," he says. "If I'm shooting for my calendars or books, then I'm looking for that beautiful scene or element that connects with the viewer. If I'm photographing for an environmental or conservation assignment, I look for compositions that tell the story without further explanation, and believe me, that's easier said than done."

Whatever hat he's wearing as a photographer, Greer attempts to have the viewer feel the landscape, whether the moment he has captured is of a striking landscape or environmental damage.

The latest transition for Greer comes as he learns high-definition video. "I'm just starting to incorporate digital video into my photography business," he explains. "Video capture is a totally new world for me, but I'm excited about all the possibilities it presents to further promote my photography and to serve as another avenue to showcase the beauty of the landscapes I photograph."

The addition of digital video also has required him to learn a few more things to fully capitalize on its potential. "Digital video is a totally different world from still photography in my opinion," says Greer. "Now you have sound to deal with, and that can be a major stumbling block to get the sound to be representative of what you're hearing. I don't think audio recording in-camera is up to the required standards, so I use the Zoom H4n four-channel recorder for all my audio work. I also use the Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro for fine focus detail. A great fluid head like my Manfrotto 501HDV is a necessity on the tripod as well."

For editing his video, Greer uses the Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium version.

Greer is the first to admit that he has had a great life when it comes to doing what he loves. But he wants to do more than that; he wants to make a difference with his photography. Greer sums it up, saying, "I guess I'm just a tree hugger at heart and that will never change. Our natural world is forever embedded in my soul. It nourishes my soul, and I want to continue exciting others about it as well."

That's Jerry Greer, true mountain man in every sense of the words.

You can see more of Jerry Greer's work and find information on his workshops at www.jerrygreerphotography.com. Jim Clark is a naturalist, writer and photographer, as well as an Outdoor Photographer contributing editor, and you can see more of his photography at www.jimclarkphoto.com.


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