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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Fall Foliage In The American West

James Kay has a passion for the grand vistas of autumn in the wide-open spaces of North America

Photographic Landscapes: Fall FoliageTo photograph colorful fall foliage, the conventional wisdom says go to New England, but for photographer James Kay, no place is better in autumn than the American West. Kay, who makes his home in Salt Lake City, has photographed the mountain west for almost 25 years, and he still relishes its grand vistas of vivid autumn color.

"I grew up back east," Kay says. "I certainly remember the falls back there, and they are spectacular. If I were to shoot back east, I would probably focus on close-up shots of the trees themselves, but out west I always look for the dramatic backdrop, the huge peaks, and then in the foreground, the aspen. Out west it's more of that sweeping, grand landscape."

fall foliageU.S. Current Fall Foliage Map from Weather.com


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