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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

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Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors a quiet habitat with a variety of wildlife and scenery. Located in Fort Calhoun on the eastern edge of Nebraska, a short 15-mile drive from Omaha on U.S. Highway 75, the area was once a collection of deposits from the Missouri River braided with eroded channels, the major one being Boyer Chute. In 1937, the chute was blocked to improve navigation along the Missouri River, which resulted in thousands of acres of destroyed natural habitat. In 1992, the refuge was founded in an effort to restore more than 4,000 acres of riparian woodland, tallgrass prairies and wetlands.

Nebraska’s climate can swing to the extremes—hot and humid in the summer and cold and windy in the winter. During the summer, be sure to pack water, a hat and sunscreen, as highs are normally in the 90s with lots of sun. In the winter, plan on dressing warm, as temperatures can dip well into the negative. The spring and fall months are generally mild, but bring a jacket, as temperatures can change suddenly.

Prior to photographing an area, I scout locations that I feel would be ideal in various weather conditions. I rely on several websites that provide me with local weather and cloud cover, so I can gauge when I should visit and what to expect.


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