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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Lone Star Hotspots

Discover the American landscape, Texas-style

Lone Star Hotspots

Diversity is the textbook definition of Texas. The Lone Star State offers a menagerie of faces that define a natural heritage known to photographers throughout the world. From the palette of color in the flora and mountains along the historical Rio Grande River to the oceanic sky over the undulating grasslands and canyons of big ranch country, Texas offers a variety of locations, subjects and seasons to fit your photographic needs.

From Desert To The Mountains

In a land steeped in the history of Texas Rangers and banditos, the Big Bend State Natural Area hosts a selection of vegetation types and landscapes that defines the Chihuahuan desert environment. The rugged 260,000-acre natural area is accessible by traveling approximately five miles east of Presidio, Texas, along Highway 170 and then accessing a dirt road for 26 miles before reaching the park headquarters.

With adequate winter moisture, the ocotillo, the long-stemmed bluebonnet and a variety of cactus will adorn the mountainscape with colorful blooms in the months of March and April.


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