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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On The Edge

Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge series on public television has brought the intrepid nature photographer to some of the most rare and exotic places and cultures in the world

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Getting The Show Made
on the edge
Art Wolfe shares a slideshow with Buddhist monks.
I have two seasons shooting my public television program Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge under my belt. My team and I have packed a lifetime into those two years. We’ve learned a lot.

You don’t get rich on public television. For each show, they pay us...wait for it...nothing. Even so, I’m grateful to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) for embracing the show, providing the platform to launch it into almost every market in America, with international markets coming on board quickly. Producing T2E isn’t cheap. Without generous contributions from Canon, the Rich Media Group at Microsoft and Conservation International, our show would be called Travels to West Seattle.

With OPB and our sponsors’ leap of faith, we started to plan and shoot episodes in the far corners of the globe. We worked in the Sahara and the Himalaya, Australia and Antarctica, in the crush of a Hindu festival and on uninhabited islands.

Things don’t always run smoothly on the road. They say you learn from your mistakes. If so, I’m becoming a savant.

To see more of Art Wolfe’s photography, visit www.artwolfe.com. To learn more about the Travels to the Edge series, visit www.travelstotheedge.com.


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