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Monday, October 14, 2013

Surf Alaska

In the remote Kenai Peninsula, Chris Burkard found waves and landscapes that few, if any, have ever surfed. He brought back photos that showed this unique and special place.

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OP: What were the shooting techniques that you used?

CB: I didn't shoot in the water during the trip. I just had to paddle through the water to get to land. When I was there, I was mainly using telephoto lenses to compress the landscape in the background with the foreground. I really wanted to show the surfers in context. I wanted to give them a sense of place. So, whether it was a big snowy peak in the background or whether it was an icy glacier or just trees or something like that, I really wanted to shoot in a way that showed the landscape and created the sense of place.

OP: What did you use in terms of your gear?

CB: I use Nikon. I had Nikon D7100 and a D300s, as well as the 80-400. Typically, when I'm shooting on a trip, I bring a Nikon 600 or a 200-400, but I needed something light and a kit that I could bring to the beach in these conditions in a pack with all of my gear. The 80-400 was crucial for this trip. I also travel with a Sony NEX kit, always. It gives me something for lifestyle moments, and it's a small camera that I can pull out and use all the time.

OP: I understand that you also used GOAL ZERO solar gear on this trip?

CB: Yes. They're a sponsor of mine. Basically, any trip I do, I'm off the grid. Ninety percent of the time we're camping or on boats, so for me, to charge equipment and gear, I have to roll out a solar panel and bring out a Sherpa 150, which works as a full power converter to charge a laptop, other equipment…pretty much everything. And so for me, it's crucial to keep gear charged, so I can edit and back up images, and make sure my batteries are working, and generally just have everything powered up. So in Alaska, every time I paddled to the beach, I would bring the Goal Zero Sherpa 150, as well. I would just set it up while the sun was there. The only hard part was that in Alaska the sun is pretty limited, so I was using every second of it.


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