Optimizing Photos for Web Presentation

(© Ian Plant) I've just released Series Two of my Creative Digital Processing video tutorials. I've also released a new free video tutorial called "Optimizing Photos for Web Presentation," which discusses techniques for resizing, sharpening, and color optimizing photos for display on the web. I've embedded a low-res version of this video here; you can download the high-res version from my website, along with my other video tutorials. I hope you find this free tutorial helpful!

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    You can skip the step where you change the resolution from 300 to 72 PPI. There’s no difference between an image that is 750×549 pixels @ 72 ppi vs 300 ppi.

    Thanks Marcus, this is true – for me it is just a holdover from the days when web pundits used to recommend 72 dpi as the web standard. You are correct, either way gets you to the same place.

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