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April 2010


  • New Percentages

    Today, “high ISO” means values like 25,600 instead of 800. These dramatic advancements are giving nature photographers a whole new way to think about making images.

    George Lepp recently returned from an expedition to Africa, where he was using the Canon EOS 7D and EOS-1D Mark IV, and one of his traveling companions was using the Nikon D3 and D3S.
  • Shoot The Moon

    When the sun sets and the rest of the photographers pack up for the night, you can get some of the most stunning and unique images

    I started “shooting the moon” in a quest for unique photos, and while I’m certainly happy with my results, I’ve discovered that the actual experience of moon and moonlight photography is just as rewarding as the images I bring home.
  • The Unguarded Moment

    Steve McCurry’s personal approach has created a career of stunning photographs of people from around the world

    It’s obvious at a glance that the cover of Steve McCurry’s new book, The Unguarded Moment (Phaidon), is a great photograph.


  • Gadget Bag: Photo Backpacks

    For trekking into the backcountry of a national park, a backpack is the best way to haul your photo gear

    Serious hikers depend on backpacks to carry their shelter, clothing and chow.
  • Gear Up For The National Parks

    Accessories to help you make the most out of any national parks shooting excursion

    The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) manages 392 “units,” including 58 national parks and 74 national monuments.
  • In Focus: April 2010

    The Samsung NX10 packs a 14.6-megapixel APS-C-format sensor in a body that’s just 1.6x4.2x3.4 inches.


  • America's Best Idea

    Outdoor Photographer sits down with Ken Burns to discuss our national parks and the role photographers played in establishing these treasures of the landscape. The legacy of the parks is inexorably tied to the legacy of nature photography in America.

    The soothing baritone of actor George Takei quotes the contemplations of landscape painter Chiura Obata on the High Sierra: “In the evening, it gets very cold; the coyotes howl in the distance; in the midsky, the moon is arching; all the trees are standing here and there; and it is very quiet. You can learn from the teachings within this quietness.”
  • National Park Hot Spots Of The Pros

    A selection of favorite places for photography in the national park system

    The national park system is the ultimate playground for nature photographers.
  • Picturing Culture

    iLCP Executive Director Cristina Mittermeier is at the forefront of the modern conservation movement

    By accident, Cristina Mittermeier found her way into photography.
  • Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

    Spearfish Canyon in the northern Black Hills of western South Dakota is located just off of I-90 and close to the town of Spearfish.


  • Along The Amazon

    Adventures astride the largest river on Earth

    There he is again! I swung around in the skiff with my D90 mounted with a 70-300mm lens, shooting, zooming and focusing at the same time and coming up with nothing but a shot of churning whitewater...for about the 20th time that afternoon.
  • Read My Lips

    Hippos have a bad reputation. They’re often called the most dangerous animal in Africa and are said to be responsible for killing more people than any other wild creature.
  • Wacom Intuos4 Wireless

    The pressure-sensitive precision of Wacom’s pro pen tablet, now with less tether

    For photo enhancements like burning and dodging, cloning and painting layer masks, you can’t beat the accuracy and efficiency of pressure-sensitive pen tablets from Wacom.
  • Watch Out For Blowout

    Exposures In All The Bright Places • Traveling With Photo Gear •  Fine-Art Prints, Or Not

    In the days of film, exposure in bright areas was always a challenge, and we’d constantly try to outthink the meter by over- or underexposing our images.

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