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April 2011


  • Get Low For Big Impact

    Change your camera angle to free your wildlife shots from cluttered, distracting backgrounds

    It was a stifling late August morning. I lay in wet mud on the South Flats of the East Pond at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, New York. A thousand no-see-ums chewed on the exposed skin on the back of my hands.
  • The Art Of Small

    When, where and how to shoot better macro images

    Mastering the art of macro photography in nature takes time and patience, but knowing when, where and how will make the journey a lot easier.


  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i

    An entry-level, 18-megapixel DSLR with a swiveling LCD and full HD video

    The Canon EOS Rebel T3i builds on its predecessor, the EOS Rebel T2i, by adding a Vari-angle LCD monitor and new still and video shooting features.
  • Essential Lenses Of The Pros

    What the top professionals have to say about the optics they need the most

    Everyone has one. It’s the lens you never leave at home.
  • Gadget Bag: Field Audio Recorders

    Add sound to your video and slideshows

    Putting together a top-notch slideshow is within reach of any nature photographer.
  • HDR Software Roundup And Review

    The technology has matured beyond a gee-whiz bit of digital trickery into a full-fledged tool that nature photographers can use to overcome the limitations of the image sensor

    Interest in high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging has exploded over the last few years.
  • In Focus: April 2011

    Shoot 18-megapixel stills and 1920x1080 HD video with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.


  • Capturing The Land

    Scenic master George Ward gives insight into his passion for photography and how he keeps his vision fresh

    George Ward was 33 years old when he first picked up a camera in a meaningful way.
  • Southwest Road Trip

    A pro’s guide to the lesser-known vantage points in the dramatic landscapes of Arizona, Nevada and Utah

    Watching a spectacular Bryce lightning storm through my camera viewfinder, I looked around to check the light behind me and found I was sharing the viewpoint with 65 of my "closest friends." That’s when I knew I needed to find other, lesser-known locations for my Southwestern landscape photography.


  • A Leap For Life

    For some of us, jellies may evoke childhood memories of gelatinous blobs on the beach; for others they’re milestones in the evolution of life.
  • Buyer Beware?

    Please! Release Me! • Portable Printmaking • Finding The Lightning And The Trigger • Rendering Time-Lapse Movies

    I’ve started to look for a photo stock agency to promote and sell my work, and I have grave concerns about how one in particular operates.
  • Don’t Prove...Improve!

    Sharing ideas, techniques and feedback gives us all a way to move forward photographically

    My first published photograph was in National Geographic Magazine. Crazy, huh? Yes, it was.
  • Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota

    Approximately halfway between Duluth and Grand Marais is Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.
  • Spring Safety

    Spring is every bit as unpredictable as other seasons. Check out these tips and products for shooting at this time of year.

    Warm weather and sunshine are natural draws for outdoor photographers, and spring is a welcome change after a long cold winter.

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