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April 2013


  • Plan A National Park Road Trip

    A seasoned pro shows you how to plan, research and pack for an efficient photo weekend

    Just about the sweetest two words you can hear if you're a photographer.
  • Quick Tips For Spring Color

    Think beyond the same old, normal perspectives to get high-impact spring photos

    After a long winter of bare trees and monochrome landscapes, the cornucopia of colors that erupts in spring is visually overwhelming.
  • Solutions: Photography In The National Parks

    Get past the misinformation and learn the actual facts about cameras, tripods and entry fees for our National Park Service system

    Just about the sweetest two words you can hear if you're a photographer.
  • Unleash Unlimited Depth Of Field

    Use stacked focus to create images that overcome the bounds of optics for your macro shots and more

    For the first time since the invention of the medium, photographers are now able to create images that rival our visual memory.


  • Gadget Bag: Compact Binoculars

    Get a different look at your surroundings and spot unique photo opportunities with a pair of lightweight, high-quality binoculars

    Binoculars are often overlooked, yet very useful tools for outdoor photographers, and not just for wildlife specialists.
  • In Focus: April 2013

    Sigma's DP-series digital cameras feature compact size and a built-in prime lens designed specifically for the camera and sensor.
  • Solutions: Mirror Lens Scenics

    For the occasional extreme telephoto shooter, an inexpensive mirror lens gives you a lot of reach for a low cost

    As photographers, much of our struggle is to capture what our eyes see better than the camera.
  • Telephotos For Landscapes

    Think Differently…

    Most people think of wide-angles when they think of landscape photography, and much landscape work is, indeed, done with them.


  • Above, Below And Beyond: Capturing The Annual Sardine Run

    Every year around June, a mass migration takes place along the southern and eastern coasts of South Africa that draws an unprecedented abundance of predators of fin, fur and feather

    Between the months of May and July, the annual Sardine Run along the southern and eastern coasts of South Africa is an eastward exodus of billions of sardines that follow nutrient-rich cool water while being followed themselves by a veritable caravan of predators.
  • Assignments: April 2013, The National Parks

    The Best Of The Assignments Submissions From Outdoorphotographer.com

    We’re incredibly fortunate to have our National Park System (NPS).
  • The Allure Of East Africa

    Beyond the dramatic wildlife, eastern Africa is also one of the richest tribal regions in the world. These unique cultures have drawn the attention of photographers since the medium’s beginnings.

    From the thunder of the herds storming across the Great Plains to the elusive, but endangered mountain gorillas to the ancient tribes of the Omo, East Africa is a tapestry of dramatic ecosystems and ancient cultures.
  • Zion National Park, Utah

    Located to the south of Cedar City (57 miles north on Interstate 15) and the east of Saint George, Utah (40 miles to the south), Zion National Park is found on State Route 9 surrounding Springdale, Utah, to the north.


  • Best Lens For Macro

    Lenses That Get You Close • Stabilizing On Monopods And Tripods • Remote Camera Control • The Wildflower Photographer’s Toolbox

    When choosing a macro lens, it’s not just about magnification.
  • Print And Share Your Photos

    Liberate your best images from their digital prison by making prints that you can show and share

    Probably 90% of my images live on my hard drives and never manifest themselves in the non-digital world.
  • Think Globally, Shoot Locally

    To become a better travel photographer, try staying home and shooting alone

    Among the many benefits of mass tourism, there are a couple of lurking downsides.

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