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August 2010


  • Intuitive B&W Conversions

    Try this simple step-by-step process for making beautiful monochrome images

    Black-and-white photography seems to be more popular than ever in this digital era.
  • Video Quick Tips

    8 simple techniques to get you started with adding motion and sound to your photography

    Video is a wonderful visual medium that adds whole new dimensions of movement and sound to your photography.
  • Your Perfect B&W Print

    Ansel Adams called the print “The Performance.” OP shows you, in-depth, how to use Photoshop to get your image ready for the best performance possible.

    As the digital march continues onward, there’s one thing that will never change: the pure aesthetic quality of elegant black-and-white imagery.


  • Apple iPhone 4

    With apps, a new camera, HD video and an improved display, the iPhone 4 looks like an ideal device for nature photographers

    As we go to press, Apple just introduced the iPhone 4, which is a significant update to the game-changing device, with features that nature photographers will find immensely useful.
  • DSLR Performance In A Point-And-Shoot Size?

    The new class of cameras—mirrorless, interchangeable-lens models—gives serious nature photographers some interesting options

    You’ve likely heard the buzz about the new mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras by now (some call them EVIL, for “electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lens”).
  • Gadget Bag: Inkjet Paper For B&W Prints

    To make the very best black-and-white prints, you need to have a clean, high-resolution image file, a good printer and the right paper

    Back in the days when having a darkroom in your home involved chemistry and safelights, black-and-white printing ruled supreme.
  • In Focus: August 2010

    The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm ƒ/4G ED VR II serves as an excellent addition to your lens kit. With a professional-grade lens body made from die-cast magnesium for increased durability, the lens is sealed to resist moisture and dust. There’s a special meniscus glass to help protect the front element.
  • Software For B&W Image Control

    To get the most out of your black-and-white images, try these software packages

    For the annual OP Black-And-White Special issue, it’s fitting that we look at software that will help you take the most control over your black-and-white images.
  • Supporting HD

    Fluid heads are the best choice for smooth panning and tracking, whether shooting stills or video

    Now that DSLRs are offering video capture, it’s time to reexamine some of the gear that you may need.


  • Baja California

    South of the border, where the rugged windswept desert meets an emerald sea, James Kay shows us some of the hidden splendors that await an adventurous photographer

    I’m watching my wife Susie disappear behind the swells as she bobs up and down while paddling her kayak to my left.
  • Life In B&W

    Robert Buelteman is starting over, rediscovering the landscape he left long ago

    Robert Buelteman has published three award-winning books of black-and-white landscape photography.
  • The Wildlife Photojournalist

    With a doctorate in biology and an eye for rich biodiversity, Tim Laman’s extraordinary wildlife photography is captivating and raises awareness about the complex ecosystems he shoots

    New England-based photographer Tim Laman has climbed to the top of his field both figuratively and literally.


  • Copying Copyright

    Protective Symbols • Turned Off With Tripods • Hold Still...1, 2, 3...HDR! • Old Flash, New Digital

    I had it on my computer as a JPEG image and was able to attach it to my photos as a layer in Photoshop. Where can I find it again?
  • Earth In The Making

    Volcanoes are exhilarating subjects to photograph, but challenging places to expose your gear—and yourself.
  • The Middle Peninsula, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

    Situated between the Rappahannock River to the north and the York River to the south, Virginia’s Middle Peninsula is a photographer’s paradise, with numerous coves, inlets and stately Victorian houses and inns.
  • Try Something Completely Different

    Break away from your usual subject matter to get out of a creative rut

    During a recent school break, my family and I enjoyed a vacation at the beach.

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