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August 2011


  • Advanced Cloning

    Retouching techniques give photographers more control than ever. Try a combination of tools for removing distracting elements from almost any scene.

    Each year, the number of visitors to our national parks grows, looking to see and photograph their favorite icons.
  • The Making Of Compelling Black-And-White-Images

    Beyond just removing color, see how structure, tonal relationships, form, texture and contrast all play key roles

    Eliot Porter and Ernst Haas were two of my heroes in nature photography, both superb practitioners of color photography with nature.
  • The Rarest Light

    Look for the gap and the glow, and you’ll find light that transforms a scene into something extraordinary

    For 18 years now, I've been specializing in wilderness landscape photography.
  • Transmit Image Files

    An Eye-Fi card and your tablet make an ideal field combination

    Occasionally, a solution comes along that's the perfect fix for a problem I thought I'd always just have to deal with.
  • Why Choose B&W

    Creating a monochrome image lets you focus on form, texture, shape and composition

    We see and live in a world of color. That's how we've evolved, and it's the world that we know.


  • Gadget Bag: Steady Shooting

    Versatile stabilization solutions that bridge the gap between stills and video

    Whether shooting for the ultimate sharpness in stills or looking to capture video that's as smooth as possible, there never has been a better time for photographers to be looking at tools for image stabilization.
  • In Focus: August 2011

    The 50mm lens is a must-have for all photographers, and Nikon has updated its model.
  • Printers For Black&White

    For making gallery-quality prints, you need to have the right tool

    Seeing a big, beautiful black-and-white print on the wall makes an impact that a computer screen simply can't duplicate.
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A35

    The next in Sony’s growing line of translucent-mirror DSLRs gives you true continuous AF and full HD video

    The new Alpha SLT-A35 is a great option for photographers who want image quality and full HD video capabilities, but don't want to lug around a large HDSLR.


  • Assignments: August 2011

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    I was impressed by the range of subjects and the variety of perspectives that were submitted.
  • Shades Of Wildlife

    South African photographer Heinrich van den Berg strips his dramatic wildlife images of color to create dimension and add emotion. They’re stunning, graphic, refined and evocative.

    The list of world-class black-and-white wildlife photographers is a short one, but even if it were pages long, South African photographer Heinrich van den Berg certainly would belong near the top.
  • Wind River Range, Wyoming

    Accessible only by foot or by horse, Dad's Lake is located in the Bridger Wilderness with-in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest.


  • Packrafting

    A dramatic whitewater adventure in an unlikely type of boat

    When adventurer and packraft legend Roman Dial asked if I wanted to join him and his son Cody on a packraft descent of Tasmania's iconic Franklin River, I said to count me in.
  • The Technical Side Of B&W

    Shoot Monochrome Or Convert Later? • Filters For Digital B&W • Best Choices For IR Conversions IR: Fake Or Real? • Printing Digital B&W

    When I want the final results from my DSLR to be black-and-white, should I set the camera to shoot in black-and-white or continue to shoot in color (RGB) and convert later?
  • The Timeless Moment Of Ice Light

    How can subjects that change from moment to moment speak of eternity?

    Here, half a world away, I'm working away at one of my favorite notions: the timeless moment, and how to preserve it photographically.

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