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December 2008


  • 10 Tips For Better Autofocus

    It’s easy to take autofocus for granted. I know, I do. This technology is amazing—your camera has to figure out what should be sharp in a scene, focus the lens and take the picture, all in a fraction of a second.


  • 2008 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

    Our annual roundup of gadgets and gear to help the outdoor photographer in your life get better pictures

    With the holidays fast approaching, Outdoor Photographer offers our annual collection of photo gear to help you get better photographs. This year, we have everything from printers to software to photo backpacks. What you won’t find in this guide are cameras or lenses. Instead, we focus on the accessories that work with any camera or lens setup you have. Happy Holidays!
  • Gadget Bag: Ultralight Carry Solutions

    Keep things light without sacrificing protection for your cameras and lenses

    We expect a lot from our gadget bags. They have to be comfortable, durable and fashionable, but still versatile enough to hold everything we want to carry.
  • Holiday Book Guide

    OP’s annual selection of books for outdoor photo enthusiasts

    Lining the bookshelf with new large-format photography hardcovers this holiday season shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • In Focus: December 2008

    If you’re looking to boost the quality of your landscape and nature images by stepping up to an SLR, Pentax delivers a complete entry-level system with a camera body, lens, flash and an affordable price tag.
  • The New Generation Of D-SLRs

    Cameras keep getting better, and the latest models to come out this fall are among the very best yet for nature photographers

    It’s fall, and besides the annual leaf change and wildlife migrations, this is a time of year when manufacturers unveil their new D-SLR lineups. Some of these cameras are ready and available right now, some are coming soon, and others are only concepts, but all of them represent new leaps forward in technology that will help you make better photographs.


  • Concepts Of Nature

    Andy Rouse is among the top wildlife photographers in the world. His new book takes readers into his overall thinking and approach to photography.

    Award-winning British photographer Andy Rouse discusses his approach to photography in his recent book Concepts of Nature: A Wildlife Photographer’s Art.
  • Rediscovering Classic Icons

    Many of the famous landscapes that we love most aren’t necessarily permanent. Now is the time to visit and photograph these treasures.

    The beauty of nature has captured the imagination of man for millennia. Like artists before us, nature has proven to be an endless source of inspiration and wonder.
  • The Resurrection Of Glen Canyon

    A photographer rediscovers a landscape that briefly reemerged in the wake of a prolonged Western drought

    In the first half of the 20th century, the Bureau of Reclamation embarked on a program of massive public works projects to begin harnessing the water resources of the American West.
  • The Ultimate Guide To Arches & Canyonlands

    They may be two of the most photographed parks in America, but you still can get original images with a plan and the right astronomical tools

    In Arches and Canyonlands, the best photos usually aren’t about flowers or fall color. Almost always, they’re about rock and light, with weather as the final ingredient that can make a good image extraordinary.


  • Compendium 2008

    High-tech tools to help you get the best images

    One thing that I especially like about the photography business is that the majority of manufacturers care about us. Sure, they’d like us to spend money on their products, but they also like to make products that work.
  • Keeping Gear Safe

    ATV Camera Transport • Not All JPEGs Are Equal • Out, Darned Spot! • Worn-Out Imaging

    I live in southern Utah where there’s an extensive ATV trail system and the possibility for some unique photographs.
  • Resources To Help You Take Better Photos

    Our landscape guru’s list of top photo tip books, videos and more

    What I enjoy most about being a nature photographer is being in nature. Outside. Fresh air. Beautiful light. Peace and quiet.
  • Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park, Nevada

    Sand Harbor is found at Lake Tahoe, a natural high-mountain lake nestled between the Sierra Nevada and Carson Mountain Ranges along the California/Nevada border.
  • Setting The Background

    Using backgrounds to complement your nature photographs

    Minimalism has been a trend in nature photography that has spread from the point of capture all the way to the fine-art print, often resulting in photos with the “less is more” technique.
  • The Tools For Travel

    The Photo Traveler’s annual collection of gift ideas

    It’s the time of year to leave some gentle hints for friends and family as to what toys a traveling photographer might want to receive during the holiday season.

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