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December 2010


  • In This Issue - 25th Anniversary!

    Twenty-five years ago, we conceived of Outdoor Photographer to fill the needs of a particular niche of enthusiasts and right from the start made a particular point of using the word photographer.


  • 25 Pro Tips

    Try these tips from some of OP’s top professionals to get your best shots ever!

    We polled a number of professionals for some of their best photo tips, and in the spirit of our 25th Anniversary issue, we’ve come up with a list of 25 that are sure to help you make better photographs.
  • How To Set The Black Point

    Your prints will have improved contrast and vibrancy when you follow these steps

    Ansel Adams wrote extensively about the importance of blacks in a print in his classic book, The Print.


  • 25 Pro Gear Choices

    All of us have a special piece of equipment that we never leave home without. Here, OP’s pro contributors share their key tools for getting great shots in the field.

    Nature photography is part art and part science. There’s the spiritual side of being out in the wilderness where you can find a beautiful scene.
  • Gadget Bag: Safety First

    With some lightweight gear that fits into your camera bag, you’ll be prepared to handle most of the small mishaps that can happen in the field

    Preparedness falls into the interrelated categories of first-aid, communication, navigation and protection.
  • In Focus: December 2010

    Editors' Picks: Our annual look at products that the OP Editors found to be particularly interesting and useful for nature photographers.

    At the 2010 PMA trade show that took place in February, I went to a Sony press conference where they showed a concept camera—a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens model with a large APS-C image sensor.
  • Major Innovations Of The Last 25 Years

    In the quarter-century since OP began publication, there have been incredible strides in imaging. Here are some of the most significant and their implications for photography moving forward.

    Photography is an art form that tends to push the limits of technology.


  • 25 Top Locations For Nature Photography

    The pros of OP share some of their favorite locations from around the world

    As OP turns 25, we have chosen to connect with some of the pros who have made the magazine great over the past two and a half decades to discover some of their all-time favorite locations.
  • Bearing Witness

    Frans Lanting has spent decades bringing awareness of faraway places in desperate need of preservation. His photographs have a way of living far beyond their initial creation and go on to have reverberating effects.

    With steadfast focus on the natural world since the early days of his career, Frans Lanting photographs the environment in a way that few others can.
  • The Next Generation

    As OP turns 25, we’re looking more to the future than the past. The photographers on the following pages are some of the names we expect to see more of alongside the photographers who have made the magazine so inspirational over the last quarter century.

    Reaching 25 years of publication is certainly a milestone that we’re proud of at OP, but the magazine has always been about looking forward, not dwelling on the past.


  • (Urban) Landscape Photography

    On the hunt with a compact camera and big game in mind

    Ah, there’s nothing like wild nature! Standing alone on some windswept hill staring through your telephoto lens at a herd of elk quietly grazing in a meadow below.
  • In The Canyons

    Experimenting in challenging conditions creates unique low-light shooting opportunities

    Experimenting with different techniques and new technology can help to break into new realms.
  • Make Your Best Black-And-White

    B&W: Where To Start • Histograms In All The Right Places • Diffraction Ratings • Enhancements • New Film Scanners

    Many articles in OP suggest software programs to try for converting color images to black-and-white and discuss how to fine-tune the converted images.
  • Oscar Scherer State Park, Florida

    Known as “the real Florida,” Florida’s State Park System celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. With more than 150 state parks, Florida is the nation’s only two-time Gold Medal winner for best park system.

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