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December 2011


  • Auto HDR, Quicker, Faster And Better?

    New DSLRs with Auto HDR features can create high dynamic range images in just seconds, but are the results worth the convenience?

    In the last few years, high dynamic range (HDR) photography has become incredibly popular, propelled in part by the capabilities of both digital cameras and HDR-enabled imaging programs.
  • Capture The Gigascape

    The GigaPan EPIC Pro creates the ultimate combination of camera technique and computer power for incredibly large, high-res images

    In the November 2009 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, we wrote about a way to achieve highly detailed landscapes, the "gigascape," with your compact digital camera. It was made possible by a robot called the GigaPan EPIC.
  • Chasing The Aurora Borealis

    The Northern Lights are in a period of increased activity, and now is the ideal time to be out photographing this dance in the sky

    They're back! After five years of relative quiet, the Northern Lights—the Aurora Borealis—have been on fire lately.
  • Close-Up Wide-Angle

    Get stunning results with this technique for creating powerful, graphic scenic images

    The conventional wisdom was that you shouldn't use a wide-angle lens up close because it would distort the subject or make it unflattering.
  • Solutions: Beat The Blur

    Choose the best shutter speeds for sharp sho­­ts

    The most frustrating occurrence in nature photography is returning home with a card full of images and finding that your prized shots are soft.
  • The Art Of Travel Photography

    To make evocative travel images that tell the story of a place and its people, look beyond photo clichés

    Ever since early photographers began capturing images of faraway places in the mid-19th century, travel photography has enthralled people with tantalizing glimpses of distant lands


  • Gadget Bag: Beyond The Tabletop

    Ultracompact tripods are good for much more than point-and-shoot cameras

    Once considered an inevitably endangered species because of built-in image stabilization, tripods have emerged just as important as ever.
  • In Focus: December 2011

    Our annual look at products that the OP Editors found to be particularly interesting and useful for nature photographers

    Mirrorless cameras give nature photographers a compact body, a high-resolution image sensor and a choice of fine optics.
  • Nikon 1 V1 & J1

    Nikon enters the mirrorless marketplace with two new cameras and a new format

    It has been long rumored that Nikon was going to introduce a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera, and now they've done it—two, in fact.
  • Solutions: Contour+

    A compact HD video camera that delivers outstanding image quality and ease of use

    We've been great fans of small HD video action camcorders since we started experimenting with lipstick-style units that had to be tethered to a separate and bulky apparatus.
  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Zooms

    Create dramatic and dynamic landscape images when you explore the ultrawide end of the spectrum

    As their name suggests, ultra-wide-angle lenses take in very wide angles of view.


  • Mount Seymour Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

    Located just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Canada, Mount Seymour Provincial Park is one of the many amazing sights found in British Columbia.
  • The Season Of Solitude

    Marc Adamus’ winter landscape images combine light, form and color to transport the viewer into a place and a state of emotion

    In 2011, he found snow in late September while leading a workshop in Glacier National Park, but his winter really kicked in when he landed in a remote Arctic range a few days into October. He'll take winter wherever, whenever he can find it.


  • 10 Years After: Airport Security Survival Guide

    Our expert guides you through the travails of travel for photographers in the post-9/11 era

    Two weeks before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was in the security line at Newark Airport once again.
  • The Colors Of Snow

    Antarctica And Other Snowy Venues • Lost Pixels • Taking The Long Road • Presentation Programs • Photos On The Level

    What setting would you recommend to shoot in Antarctica?

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