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December 2012


  • Give Your Photos A Boost

    Sometimes a good photograph just needs a little shot of art sauce to turn it into a great one

    The term "art sauce" is usually a pejorative that instructors use to excoriate their students on using gimmicks to make their work appear more snappy.
  • New Ways To Think About Macro

    To get a unique close-up perspective, think beyond the usual macro lens

    There's a wonderful miniature world out there you can capture with your camera.


  • Gadget Bag: High-Speed CompactFlash Cards

    To take advantage of the latest high-res video HDSLRs, you’ll feel the need for speed and capacity, and contrary to what you may have heard, the death of CF has been greatly overstated

    So the need for fast, high-capacity memory cards has never been greater.
  • In Focus: December 2012

    Our year-end wrap-up to some of the highlight products of 2012 will help you take optimum advantage of the capabilities of ever-evolving photo and video technologies.
  • Solutions: Fluid Heads For Still & Motion

    For nature photographers, the three-way head is giving way to fluid heads that are purpose-built to be still- and motion-friendly­­

    The two most popular types of heads for nature photographers are the ballhead and three-way head.
  • Solutions: Shutter Speeds & Shutter Angles

    What are the best shutter speeds to use for time-lapse and for motion capture?

    Time-lapse has exploded in popularity.
  • Which Camera Should I Buy?

    We look at the age-old question in the light of new offerings in full-frame, mirrorless and big-sensor point-and-shoot models

    What camera should I buy? It's the question that we get here at OP frequently.


  • Assignments: December 2012

    The Best Of The Assignments Submissions From outdoorphotographer.com

    Some photographs are fully previsualized while others prove that luck is what happens when opportunity and preparation intersect.
  • Denver Area, Colorado

    Adjacent to several state and national parks, diversity is the name of the game in Denver and the surrounding area.
  • Seeing Beyond Grandeur

    In the face of overwhelming grandscapes, think about the intimate shots that will paint a full portrait of a place

    On a Grand Canyon rafting trip, you learn to expect the unexpected, and this day was no different.
  • Tutored By Nature

    Fellow landscape photographer Tom Till describes why David Muench is one of the greatest living photographers and why his work stands the test of time and remains inspirational

    Here was a depiction of the American landscape that transcended all others—portrayed in the vision, dedication and talent of one young man, David Muench.


  • Counting Condors

    ome animals live in the shadows of a mystique we have bestowed on them.
  • Exposure For HDSLR Video

    How to get your motion footage to look just right

    If there's one thing I haven't been sweating too much in the 11 or so years since I went from shooting slides to shooting digital, it's exposure.
  • Extend Your Range

    Ordering Close Focus • Sign Here • JPEG Vs. JPEG • The Coolscan Dustup

    A tele-extender, when placed between the camera body and lens, multiplies the magnification of the lens to which it's attached.

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