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December 2013


  • Defeat Chromatic Aberration

    How to banish color fringes from your photos forever

    We've all seen it—that glowing violet fringe that sometimes lurks like a dirty halo in out-of-focus areas and along high-contrast boundaries of dark objects photographed against a bright sky.
  • Get Above It All

    Aerial imaging using consumer-level “drones” is now within reach of any photographer. In this first in a series of articles, we embark on the steps to get started.

    During the entire history of photography, perspectives from above have been difficult, if not impossible, to capture without budgets large enough for the chartering of full-sized aircraft (helicopters and airplanes).
  • The Colors Of Snow

    Like a fresh white canvas, a new blanket of snow is a perfectly primed medium for painting with the subtle hues of winter

    We always think of snow as being plain white, but the reality is that it's a malleable element that can take on any of several colors depending on the conditions in which you're shooting.


  • Best Cameras Under $1000

    Our guide to the top interchangeable-lens cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless models for your style of outdoor photography that come in below the $1,000 price

    Nature photography encompasses a wide range of subject matter, from landscape vistas to birds in flight.
  • Gadget Bag: Look! No Wires!

    WiFi technology now lets you compose, shoot, review, send and share your photos free from physical tethers

    Built-in wireless features have most often been found in the compact camera market, frequently viewed as a way to quickly share photos with social-media networks.
  • In Focus: December 2013

    Choice Gear Of The Year
  • Solutions: Protect Your Gear From Snow

    Get out and shoot in winter weather with confidence with these simple tips

    When you're out shooting in wintery weather, the first rule to remember is that snow is dust—until it melts.


  • For The Love Of It

    Frank Smith brings a passion and purpose to his photography that proves the true meaning of the word “amateur”

    Meet Frank Smith, and you understand why amateurs have always been the driving force behind photography's progress, whether as art, science or business.
  • Penguin Planet

    The top 5 locations to photograph the world’s most unique birds

    Among the world's animals, penguins are absolutely unique.
  • Windows On The Natural World

    Using subtle framing techniques within her images, Linde Waidhofer creates dynamic photos that guide the viewer through the frame

    Looking at some of Linde Waidhofer's photography, it occurred to us that she has a way of framing subjects within the rectangular frame.
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

    As one of the last remaining intact temperate ecosystems, visiting Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park is like taking an adventurous journey back in time to the last Ice Age.


  • Field Of Possibilities

    Using technology like focus stacking, William Neill creates an otherworldly photo of a roadside subject

    One of the main dilemmas for nature photographers is how to frame an image.
  • Legacy

    The beauty and complexity of the natural world is revealed through a lifetime of gazing through the camera lens

    I reached out my hands til each touched one edge of the interior semicircle of the tree.
  • Talking Technique With Future Pros

    Unlimited Depth Of Field • Panorama Techniques • Extending Long Lenses • Back To The Future

    In my role as a Canon Explorer of Light, I recently presented a short, but intense seminar to the ASMP Student Chapter at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.Looking at some of Linde Waidhofer's photography, it occurred to us that she has a way of framing subjects within the rectangular frame.

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