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January/February 2006


  • Do Away With Gray

    Reveal the color and contrast in your murky digital images

  • The Better Print

    Learn how to get the best results from a photo lab

    Like you, I enjoy making color prints at home using an inkjet printer, but I still find that a photo lab plays a big role in my photography. Although I increasingly shoot digital, I have a large archive of negatives and slides that I occasionally need digitized or printed. Yes, I can do some of that at home, but when I have dozens of images that need scanning and printing, I don’t hesitate to use a lab. While Photoshop can be fun, I increasingly want to spend my free hours creating new images rather than laboring over older ones.


  • Canon EOS 5D

    A well-featured digital SLR drops the price for a full-frame sensor

    The new Canon EOS 5D has a lot of photographers talking. What do you get with this $3,300 camera? Is the full frame worth it? How about the 12.8 megapixels? After shooting with this camera in the field, I have a few answers. First, I appreciate the way the camera handles. While the EOS 1D and 1Ds Mark II cameras offer superb image quality, they’re also big and heavy. They’re sturdy and durable, to be sure, but their size isn’t for everyone. The EOS 5D is a more manageable field camera. It’s just a bit larger than the EOS 20D, measuring 6x4.4x3 inches and weighing 28.6 ounces


  • Alaska Bound

    Living in tents and a Sportsmobile for months at a time, Kennan and Karen Ward explore the limitless photographic opportunities in the vast Alaska wilderness

    When speaking to Kennan and Karen Ward, and especially looking at their images, you can see why they’re so passionate about Alaska. Before long, you'll find yourself seduced by the boundless photo opportunities that are available in America’s northernmost state.

  • India Live And In Color

    The vibrant world of this cultural jewel is revealed through an amateur's lens

    It can be said that until you’ve photographed in India, you’ve only seen the world in black-and-white. Colors, rich and saturated, are everywhere. You see them in the orange sari worn by the woman selling mangos and other fruits on the street, in the wall whose red paint explodes with energy when struck by the late-afternoon sun, and in the stones and intricate sculptures of Hindu temples that rise high into a clear blue sky. Color is everywhere, and for anyone who loves to create images, India seems like a photographic heaven.


  • Truth And Reality

    Photography isn't automatically an accurate way to capture reality even though it looks like it should be

    Several things have come across my desk recently that tell me that the transition to digital technology is still in the troubled adolescent period. There has become such a fear of digital manipulation in photography that it reminds me of media health scares. Some very real issues are being forgotten, as certain publications that should know better and some photographers have taken extreme positions that claim they're after truth, but actually they're favoring traditional technologies over photographers.
  • Unalaska, Alaska

    Start with a lush volcanic island on the edge of the Bering Sea, add a dash of red foxes, a sprinkling of bald eagles and a healthy helping of emerald hillsides, and you can begin to picture the natural beauty of the Aleutian Island of Unalaska.

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