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January/February 2012


  • Action-Sequence Panoramas

    How to capture time and space in a single frame

    We see action before us as a blur of movement that often passes by in a linear progression.
  • Enhance Your Landscapes

    How to use Photoshop Layer Masks and Layer Styles to simulate a graduated ND filter without the drawbacks of an actual filter

    One of the greatest challenges in outdoor photography is properly exposing for contrasty lighting conditions.
  • Intensify Your Landscape

    How to give your scenics extra punch when the situation calls for added intensity

    There's a time for subtle, and there's a time to punch things up. Extra intensity is usually associated with punched-up saturation, but that only works when you have a shot that's strong to begin with.
  • Solutions: Time-Lapse Quicktips

    How to make a movie that will show the world differently

    Time-lapse photography and videos have exploded in popularity. During the recent Sony Art of Expression contest hosted by OP, several of the finalists in the video category were time-lapse videos.
  • Solutions: Video Fundamentals

    A primer to get you started shooting video with a DSLR

    For most photographers, the biggest hurdle to getting into video with a DSLR is taking the first step.


  • Canon EOS-1D X

    The new top-of-the-line pro DSLR features a full-frame sensor, 14 fps and advanced HD video

    Scheduled for a Spring 2012 release, the EOS-1D X replaces the EOS-1Ds Mark III and the EOS 1D Mark IV.
  • Gadget Bag: Preventive Medicine

    Protect your camera from rain and snow

    Some people leave the camera at home when the weather forecast calls for a 40% chance of rain.
  • In Focus: January/February 2012

    Looking at a landscape or wildlife photograph in print makes a different impact than just looking at the image on screen.
  • Low-Cost Gear That Makes A Big Difference

    Adding some simple and inexpensive accessories to your bag gives you a lot of options in the field

    It's always nice to get a new DSLR or lens, but while madly pursuing more megapixels and longer lenses, it's easy to forget that there are lots of far less expensive items that can improve your photos or photo-making experience.


  • Discover Alaska Wildlife

    From the sea to the mountains, the vast wilds of Alaska give nature photographers an opportunity to find and photograph some of the most iconic wildlife in North America

    I first visited Alaska almost 10 years ago and became so enamored with Alaska's snow-covered summits, tidewater glaciers and wildlife that I decided to make it the focus of my photography.
  • Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon

    Located on the Oregon Coast between Florence and Coos Bay, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a strip of coastal dunes and forest between U.S. Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Paradise

    Scott Mead’s Hawaii landscapes show the depth of color, mood and drama of the islands’ stunning and wholly unique environment

    Imagine Hawaii. No doubt you're picturing beautiful white sand beaches, lush tropical forests, maybe even an ocean sunset.
  • Skin Trade

    It turns out that python skin is the newest trend for purses and pumps, but it’s a mortal liability for the wild reptiles that provide it

    Though undeniably bold, the slither-chic allure of this versatile piece is hard to resist.


  • Ghost Trees, Namibia

    Deep in the Namib Desert of southwest Africa, there's a remarkable place.
  • Going With The Flow

    DSLRs let you hone in on a subject and work it to find the single, perfect shot

    On a recent trip to Yosemite Valley, I spent some time photographing waterfalls.
  • Make Your Panos Match Up

    Wide-Angle Panoramas • See The Sharpness Get • The Most From A Lens And Camera • ND Filters • Sensor Cleaning • Missing Arches

    I'm having trouble getting my wide-angle panoramas to stitch together.

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