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January/February 2013


  • Full Dynamic Range Photography

    How to capture the range of tones, from dark shadows to bright highlights, with traditional filters and HDR software

    I wondered if I was getting lazy in the field, or if these new digital options were providing more control and better results.
  • Getting Into Galleries

    How to catch the eye of a curator and get your work exhibited

    Many photographers have aspirations, secret or otherwise, of hanging our finest works on the walls of an acclaimed art gallery.
  • In Search Of Sharpness

    How to take control of depth of field in-camera and in the computer

    Sharpness is the most essential technical element of composition and quality in most photographs.


  • Gadget Bag: Cold Weather Photo-Savers

    Take advantage of the best of winter’s photo opportunities with gear that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable

    Some of the most spectacular outdoor photo opportunities occur in cold weather—snowy landscapes, clearing storms, winter wildlife and more.
  • In Focus: January/February 2013

    As a nature photographer, you know the value of the 70-200mm focal-length range.
  • Mirrorless Systems For You

    How to build a mirrorless system as your primary outfit for nature photography

    Five years ago, if you wanted to travel light, you had to choose between a DSLR and a compact digital camera.
  • Solutions: Try The High Pass Filter

    Give this tool a look for sharpening your images

    The High Pass sharpening technique isn't what I would call a "true" sharpening process, but rather what I generally refer to as a local contrast-enhancement adjustment.


  • Assignments: January/February 2013

    The Best Of The Assignments Submissions From outdoorphotographer.com

    In this issue, I've pulled a selection of wintry photographs.
  • Chugach Adventures

    Michael DeYoung shares his experiences amid the stunning landscapes and wildlife opportunities that this part of Alaska has to offer

    Just beyond the foothills of Anchorage lies Chugach State Park—a half-million acres of some of the most accessible hiking, skiing, camping, rafting, climbing, wildlife-viewing and photographic opportunities in Alaska.
  • Journey To Antarctica

    The massive frozen continent offers photo opportunities of glaciers, otherworldly coastlines, massive mountain peaks and, of course, incredible wildlife

    For most of us in North America, Antarctica seems very far away. Even if you know which pole it is (South), you may not know that it's actually a fairly accessible and totally photogenic destination.
  • Kauapea Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

    The North Shore of Kauai is lined with stunningly vibrant tropical beaches.


  • A Rose By Any Other Name...

    Many Images, One Frame • Panoramas • Silent All The Time • Camera Dynamic Range • Two Great Winter Breaks

    I have one of the new Canon cameras that allows multiple captures on a single frame.
  • Embrace The Fog

    Use nature’s mood-enhancing filter

    I love the way winter fog and mist can simplify the landscape and lend a tranquil mood to a scene.
  • Keeping It Real, Or Calling It Art

    What are your personal guidelines on HDR use in your photos?

    Every photographer will have grappled with the question of how much to edit photos in the camera or later with tools like HDR software, Photoshop and Lightroom.

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