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January/February 2014


  • Close-Up Wide-Angle

    Armed with a Sigma 10-20mm lens on a Nikon D7100 DSLR, we explore the ins and outs of this dynamic compositional technique

    Wide-angle zooms have always been popular with nature photographers.
  • Sharpness The Deadly Dozen

    Defeat these threats to sharp photos and create images that get optimum sharpness from any camera and lens

    The pros get consistently sharp images. How do they do that, even when they're not using so-called pro lenses?


  • Gadget Bag: HDR Software

    When used in moderation, HDR software helps you maximize the dynamic range in your photos. Here’s a look at the tools that are available for doing it.

    Photo manipulation has always been employed to enhance details, even out exposure and increase contrast.
  • In Focus: January/February 2014

    The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM1 is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera squeezed down to a pocket-sized profile.
  • Olympus OM-D E-M1

    The new flagship Micro Four Thirds camera also replaces the E-5 pro DSLR. At Olympus, it would seem the time of the internal mirror has ended.

    The original Four Thirds System was introduced in 2003 based around a 17.3x13.0mm image sensor that was smaller than the 23.6x15.6mm APS-C sensors used in most DSLRs of the time.
  • Solutions: Prime Options For Mirrorless

    Zeiss Touit lenses for Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless APS-C cameras are fast, sharp and rugged tools

    As mirrorless cameras expand their foothold, lens manufacturers have started developing models.
  • Sony Alpha a7 And Alpha a7R

    The age of full-frame interchangeable-lens mirrorless has arrived

    One of the main reasons why mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras were designed was to provide DSLR image quality without the bulk.


  • Assignments: January/February 2014

    The Best Of The Assignments Submissions From outdoorphotographer.com

    Top selections from recent Assignments Winners from outdoorphotographer.com
  • Birds Of Paradise

    With the trained eye of a scientist, Tim Laman captures the behavior of the world’s most rare and extraordinary birds

    Patience, persistence and ear wax—three requirements for photographing the world's 39 species of birds-of-paradise.
  • Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida & Mississippi

    Stretching over 150 miles of coastline from Cat Island in Mississippi to Santa Rosa Island in Florida, Gulf Islands National Seashore spans across two island chains from the Florida Panhandle to the coast of Mississippi.
  • Invisible Light

    Nevada Wier’s color infrared images show the people and places she photographs in an ethereal and surreal way

    Six years ago, I began exploring the challenge of making the invisible visible—photographing unusual places using a digital camera and the unusual, haunting light of infrared. I'm now a devotee of invisible light!
  • Pro Winter Hot Spots

    Top locations for you to get your best shots this winter

    Top selections from recent Assignments Winners from outdoorphotographer.com


  • 5 Steps To More Professional Photographs

    Try these tips to get photos that will stand out from the crowd

    What separates the photos that clients will purchase as prints or for licensing from the zillions of photos taken daily by everyone with a smartphone?
  • Photo Hoarding

    How to edit to keep your archive manageable and prioritized

    Editing your photography and deciding what you should keep or what gets sent to the trash is something we photographers do all the time.
  • What’s In My Bag

    In response to the many questions from readers, Tech Tips details the contents of George Lepp’s camera bag

    This is one of the most frequent questions I receive, for this column, at my seminars and workshops, and during chance encounters in the field.

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