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July 2013


  • Create Visual Tension

    Compositional techniques from Guy Tal will help you to make dynamic images through the graphic design principles of gestalt

    As outdoor photographers, we witness some of the most sublime feats of natural beauty, as well as some of the most delicate nuances often missed by others.
  • Moving Your Moving Pictures

    Use sliders and jibs to add smooth, subtle movement to HD video and time-lapses

    The incredible explosion in time-lapse projects and the proliferation of HD video DSLRs have created a new golden age of filmmaking.
  • Straighten Up

    Try digital perspective control to take the oddities out of your tilted camera shots

    There are a few technical elements that immediately stick out between amateur and professional photographs.


  • Compact DSLRS

    Lighten up your kit and avoid bulk without losing the benefits of a DSLR with the latest generation of compact single-lens-reflex cameras

    Ever since the tiny Olympus OM-1 35mm film SLR was introduced in the early 1970s (and perhaps even before), there's been a desire among many for smaller and lighter interchangeable-lens cameras.
  • Gadget Bag: Big Bags For Travel And Storage

    Find the perfect case or bag for taking your gear on a summer road trip or for airline travel

    Let's face it, traveling has become an athletic event of Olympic proportions.
  • In Focus: July 2013

    The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G6 Micro Four Thirds camera with a 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor provides high-resolution and low-noise image quality along with full 1080 HD video.


  • Baxter State Park, Maine

    Baxter State Park occupies about 210,000 acres of beautiful and rugged Maine wilderness.
  • Swamp Things

    Despite the popular vision of swamps as creepy wastelands, these environmental oases offer some of the richest opportunities for wildlife

    A swamp by any other name would certainly sound sweeter.
  • The Digital Landscape

    Russ Bishop photographs nature’s most extreme beauty using today’s most advanced image-capture tools. He’s among the cadre of photographers leading the way technologically and aesthetically.

    Russ Bishop was raised on landscape photography.
  • The Dragon's Backbone

    Sounds of camera shutters announce the presence of newly mobile Chinese tourists in the cultural destinations that mark a time gone by in the Middle Kingdom

    More than 10 years ago, I recall standing in the tram line to ascend Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Lijiang, Yunnan), where tourists ride and climb to elevations near 15,000 feet


  • 10 Steps To Photographic Fulfillment

    Take the journey from disappointment to delight

    I've been hearing a lot lately from photographers who are working hard at their craft, but are just plain disappointed with the images they see on their screens and prints.
  • Brace Yourself

    A travel photographer’s view of stabilizing options for DSLR motion shooters

    Back in the days when I only shot stills, I was one cavalier dude when it came to using tripods and other bracing devices.
  • Private Passage

    The place I've called home along the coast of California for more than two decades is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected wild land.

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