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June 2011


  • Boost Your AF Performance

    How to set up your camera and lens to get quick response when you’re shooting fast-moving subjects like wildlife

    Today’s DSLRs are amazingly quick in their AF performance and firing rates, but you can make them even quicker by setting them appropriately.
  • Fine-Art Camera Phone Photography

    Using a bevy of sophisticated apps, Tony Sweet shows how to expand your creativity and make wall-worthy pictures from an iPhone

    With the advent of new highly capable cameras in various smartphones combined with very cogent apps, we're now able to create images and optimize them almost exactly as we would in Photoshop.
  • Geotagging

    Use your GPS as a comprehensive location scout and to share images with others

    You don't need a camera with a built-in GPS to geotag your images although such devices make it simpler since they do it automatically as you shoot.
  • Long Lens Techniques

    How to use a big telephoto lens for wildlife and more!

    How to use a big telephoto lens for wildlife and more!
  • Quick Tips For Using A Polarizer

    Get more from the single most useful accessory in your bag

    The one accessory you’re likely to find in any professional nature photographer’s camera bag is a polarizer.
  • Stoking The Flame

    In her “Ghosts of the West” project, Cheyenne Rouse reignited her love of photography by embracing HDR

    If you would have told me three years ago when I was living in Park City, Utah, that I’d be creating HDR images, running my own gallery, living in Scottsdale, Arizona, and loving my DSLR, I would have told you that you were crazy.


  • Find Your Wildlife Action Lens

    How to pick the right lens to match your photo needs and your budget

    Wildlife action covers quite a range, from huge bears snagging salmon while standing in a river to quick and tiny birds zipping by.
  • Gadget Bag: Strapped For Photos

    Replace the strap that came with your camera for one that delivers all-day comfort and security

    The lowly neck strap is both the simplest and most intimate part of a camera.
  • In Focus: June 2011

    The Nikon D5100 has a 16.2-megapixel sensor and records 1080p HD video at 30 and 24 fps with full-time autofocus and manual-exposure control.
  • Nikon D5100

    A compact step-up DSLR with an excellent feature set

    The new Nikon D5100 has an estimated street price below $900 (with an 18-55mm lens), and a number of fine features for nature photographers.


  • Assignments: June 2011

    Photo Assignments From The Editor Of Outdoor Photographer Magazine

    The OP Assignments galleries on our website continue to showcase the considerable talents of the magazine's readers.
  • Patagonia The Last Wild Place

    The new book, Unknown Patagonia, tells the story of the precious and unexplored region of central Chilean Patagonia and the environmental threats it faces

    In South America, "south" means more than a direction, more than a description and more than a mere adjective.


  • Fade In

    Filters On Filters • How Big Can I Go? • Focus On Flowers

    To lengthen the exposures, I used a Fader filter and a polarizer on my 70-200mm ƒ/2.8 lens. All the photographs from the shoot were unsharp!
  • Morning Light

    When you have your camera with you, good luck tends to happen

    Isn’t it funny how ideas get started? When my kids started back to school last August, I gave myself the assignment to develop a new portfolio theme.
  • Myrtle Island, South Carolina

    A favorite and idyllic setting exemplifying the area's countless estuarial rivers, creeks and marshes, Myrtle Island is found deep in South Carolina's Low Country
  • Reactive Or Proactive?

    The new travel photography paradigm

    Only one letter separates the words "take" and "make," but their meanings are worlds apart.

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